Tuesday, 26 February 2013 11:54

Tom Brady’s fictional “home town discount” leads to criticism of Manning

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As most pundits suspected, reports that Tom Brady had cut the New England Patriots a break in negotiating his current contract extension were bunk. Brady did no such thing. His three-year, $27M deal kicks off with a massive $30M payment up front, according to Pro Football Talk. So much for less money.

That makes a whole lot more sense than the idea that the golden boy would take an enormous pay cut for the benefit of his team. Still, yesterday’s errant reports that Brady had done so had some Denver Broncos fans suggesting that Peyton Manning should volunteer to have his own contract restructured to make more room for Denver under the salary cap. Elway did it, after all. Shouldn’t Manning want to help the Broncos win by whatever means necessary? Uh, no.

Peyton Manning isn’t a life-long Denver Bronco in the same way that John Elway was. He is here to get paid. Nothing that isn’t in Peyton Manning’s own best interest financially should even cross his mind. Despite speculation to the contrary, it didn’t cross Tom Brady’s mind to do a “solid” for the Pats, either. He will get his. In fact, more of Brady’s deal is guaranteed than before.

Call this egg on the faces of the Sports radio callers who were calling Peyton Manning out yesterday for not being as generous as Brady.

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