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Nuggets put the "dead" in "NBA trade deadline"

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The NBA trade deadline has come and gone. Twenty minutes ago negotiations ceased around the league and your Denver Nuggets didn't do a thing. They put the "dead" in "deadline".

Mozgov is still here. Wilson Chandler is still here. Andre Miller will still be complaining about his minutes. Those dudes are stuck in Denver and Nuggets fans are stuck with them.

All in all it was a fairly uneventful whirlwind accross the Association. Howard is still a Laker. Josh Smith is still a Hawk. The biggest name to move today was JJ Redick, who left the Magic for the Bucks.

Don't second guess the Nuggets for not flipping the switches today. They're in good hands with Kroenke and Ujiri. Clearly they determined that no move was the right move.

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