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Thursday, 21 February 2013 11:20

It's time for a legitimate NFL minor league

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As discussed earlier this week at the South Stands, the very concept of "college" football is an absolute joke. As we see year after year during the combine, players are being moved through universities who have no business being associates with education. Many are hired guns who could not meet the basic entry requirements for the schools they represent. They're coddled, protected and passed, making a mockery of secondary learning. The NFL is even dumbing down the testing they use to evaluate players to create a "more level playing field" for guys who can hardly read. In fact, there are illiterate players in nearly every draft.

The solution to this issue is to create an opportunity for aspiring NFL players that does not involve college - a legitimate NFL minor league. One of our readers, Kevin Doran (@Doranka) offers this proposal.

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In response to Colin Daniels’ article “New NFL assessment test proves that college football is a complete joke” (http://bit.ly/ZeWGPY), here is a substitute league that makes a lot more sense for everyone besides the corrupt joke called the NCAA.

A quick recap of Colin’s article from a few days ago - a good portion of players at the NFL combine had no business graduating college. This specific group of players aren’t able to use logic or math to solve basic problems and have no interest in going to class.

Terrell Pryor’s major, before he was booted for selling stuff he owned and getting a free tattoo, was “Exploring”. These guys (this specific group of NFL prospects, not college football players in general) contribute nothing of academic value to these “Academic Institutions”, and shouldn’t have to be there in the first place. They need to though because it’s the only path to the NFL.

Here’s an easy fix; not a replacement for ‘college football’ but an alternative for talented athletes who are only interested in the second part of that phrase-
Compensation - an NFL MInor League.

Pay the players a salary of $100k each. No signing bonuses, just a flat 100k for anyone who enters and makes the league. A number less than the NFL, but it’s more fair than the current system of unpaid players playing their guts out and risking injury while Nick Saban and Les Miles are being paid a combined $60 million.

50k bonus per player for a championship, 25k to the losing team
No restriction on endorsement deals
League rules
12 team league. 3 divisions. Division winners and 1 wild card make playoffs
Roster size of 50
Maximum of 4 years eligibility, the oldest a player to be at start of season is 23 years old
Friday night games
No Goodell or NCAA Sanctions Committee
Flat set of clearly defined rules:
Kicked out of league if convicted of Felony or DUI
No fines- Following games each week the 12 coaches vote on each unnecessary roughness penalty in the previous week’s games on it’s a “dirty” play. If majority of coaches (7/12) vote yes, it’s a formal strike. 3 formal strikes and a player is kicked out of the league
No excessive celebration penalties. It’s a damn game not a Presidential Dinner.
That’s it. Arguably, the biggest problem is that something like this will probably never happen. Best bet? Have the SEC secede from the NCAA. Maybe the south will have better luck this go-round?

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