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Phoenix area pediatric cardiologist tells Adrian Dater to “catch a movie in Aurora”

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One Phoenix Coyotes fan is no fan of the Denver Post’s Adrian Dater. In fact, Doctor Scott Schnee, a pediatric cardiologist, apparently told Dater on Twitter a bit ago to “go catch a movie in Aurora”. Schee followed up that gem by suggesting that Dater can “join Jessica for all I care”. 

Since posting the offensive Tweets, Dr. Schnee has reset his Twitter account (@BabyDocScott)  to "locked " for what would appear to be obvious reasons. Naturally, the possibility exists that these horrible words were not those of Dr Scott Schnee, whos contact information is readily available on the internet. It’s more likely, however, that the doc did say these things.

This is a man who’s chosen profession is to help sick children; yet he’s apparently willing to say very, very sick things in the name of hockey.

I spoke with Peter Burns of Mile High Sports Radio to get his reaction to Schnee’s comments. Burns, who was a close friend of Jessica Redfield, the “Jessica” Schnee was referring to. He called the comments “absolutely disgusting” and was shocked that they were made by a physician.

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