Friday, 15 February 2013 10:08

Charles Woodson absolutely belongs in Denver

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NFL free agency chatter can become rather annoying. People love to speculate wildly about where this player or that player will wind up. As Denver fans learned during the Peyton Manning saga one year ago, players will visit with multiple teams and tantalize fan bases before ultimately making a decision as to where they wish to land.

The next all-pro believed to be coming onto the open market is Packers safety Charles Woodson, a likely future Hall of Famer. Woodson, a one-time defensive player of the year, is no spring chicken. He’s 37 years old, slightly more aged than even Peyton Manning. According to reports, the Packers will be unable to keep him around. He’s owed $10m for the upcoming season and, as much as Green Bay would love to have him, they’ll be forced to release him.

After the debacle that was Rahim Moore’s attempt to defense Joe Flacco’s late TD pass that forced overtime in the Broncos playoff tilt with the Ravens is there any doubt whatsoever that Woodson would look swell in orange? Elway and Co. should begin an aggressive courtship with Woodson just as soon as an announcement is officially made that he won’t be back for Green Bay.

Perhaps this March the Denver media will be following Charles Woodson’s SUV to Dove Valley. Let’s hope so.

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