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Tebow to speak on behalf of wildy racist homophobe

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(via Huffington Post

Once football season ends, preachin' season begins for young Tim Tebow.

South Stands Denver has followed Tebow's career as a highly paid professional Christian for several years now. He draws thousands, sometimes tens of thousands of worshipers to mega-churches from coast to coast, but largely in the southern states. That's where Tim will be next, in Texas, where he will speak on behalf of Robert Jeffress, the polarizing leader of the First Baptist Church of Dallas.

Jeffress is from the "God hates fags" school of religion. He's a notorious hater who associates homosexuality with pedophelia, believes that 70% of gays have AIDS and that the re-election of Barack Obama will "lead to the rise of the Antichrist".

Jeffress also believes that world religions not of his own are meant for heretics from the pit of hell.

These sets of beliefs don't wash with Tim Tebow's gentle public nature, but apparently jive with his religious beliefs - at least to the extent that he will accept a very large check from the Dallas church. Tebow's speaking engagements start at $50,000. To appear in front of a congregation as large as this one he can demand over $100,000.

All in the name of Christ.



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