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Ryan O'Reilly's daddy thinks the Avs are big meanies

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Adrian Dater of the Denver Post visited with Sandy Clough on the radio this morning and stopped just short of saying that Ryan O'Reilly's former (?) team mates are kind of pissed at him for leaving them high and dry while fighting with team management over his contract. It stands to reason that they would be, though, considering that O'Reilly considers his own value to be so high. Dater pointed out that, despite having had a very strong last season, O'Reilly is stall averaging just over ten goals per season over the past three.

Despite the Avalanche front office having had little to say about the O'Reilly situation, sentiment seems to be turning against the youngster. Luckily for him, his daddy has got his back.

Brian O'Reilly took to Twitter to plead Ryan's case:

sorry the ave’s don’t want him or place value on what he brings. They practice external control boss management.

“Sure he loved it there and thought the fans were the best. So many great players the ave’s dump because of their management style $$$$$.”

You'll notice that pops used past-tense there. O'Reilly's history. The Avs are going to be forced to trade him. That's just wonderful. There's plenty to blame to go around in this sticky mess. It's tough to understand how the team could possibly emerge from a lockout with unfinished business like this. The very fact that they are in this situation lends some credence to Brian O'Reilly's comments.

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