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Will one more old dude get the Broncos over the goal line?

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Petyon Manning gave the Denver Broncos new hope. He turned them from a middling team to a contender the day he signed on the dotted line, almost exactly one year ago. It's important to remember, however, that the Broncos gave Manning hope, too - hope that he can win more ring before retiring. The Denver situation was as ideal for Manning as Manning was for Denver.

One fellow who has never even sniffed a title but could come to Denver and win one is St Louis Rams running back Steven Jackson. Jackson is 29 years old - pushing 30, the age at which backs are considered to be washed up. Anyone who watched "SJax" rush for over 1,000 yards for the eigth straight season in 2012 knows that the man has still got what it takes, though. He's a bruising runner with slippery moves and rare talent. He's also a veteran leader who has languished with the same ineffectual team since the day he was drafted.

Jackson is a free agent. Even though the Broncos have a solid stable of backs, they should very strongly consider luring him here. Eric Goodman of Mile High Sports agrees. In his column today, Goodman asserts that the addition of Steven Jackson would make the Broncos "Super Bowl ready".

Jackson's career window is almost identical to Peyton Manning's at this stage. Both vets have two or three seasons left to win it all. Working together could only improve their odds.

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