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Tim Tebow is still a starter on Jesus' team.

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(Via AZcentral.com)

The NFL season is finally over. For the New York Jets it's been over for weeks. The crappy Jets went absolutely nowhere this season. That isn't Tim Tebow's problem, though. He's the full time starter now for Team Jesus, as he is every off-season.

Tim Tebow is a professional Christian.

This past Sunday (I believe that would have been Super Bowl Sunday), Tebow made an appearance at the Impact Church, located in an "air park" in Scottsdale. There he entertained  "an enraptured audience with tales of his Christianity", according to AZCentral.com, a web site, presumably published in Central Arizona.

The site goes on to say that Tebow was "was equal parts humble and confident, secure and self-deprecating." and that "the crowd roared its approval in a way that parishioners fainting in the aisles seemed inevitable."

Wow. Fainting.

Tebow's appearance was by no means free, of course. These gigs go about fiddy-kay a pop. He will do many, many more throughout the Spring and Summer, proving that, no matter how the NFL tries to keep him down, Tim Tebow is a starter on Jesus' team.


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