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Join the #ThankYouPeyton #3/19/13 movement TODAY!

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A small group of Denver fans wants to celebrate Peyton Manning's first anniversary as a Bronco through a letter writing campaign they're calling the 3/19/13 project. The idea is that boxes of letters will be hand delivered to Dove Valley on the 19th intended to celebrate number 18 and to thank him for chosing the Mile High City.

The South Stands was asked to help promote the movement. I recieved a letter from a Twitter pal named Tiffany whos handle is @TLCat06. That letter, and instructions for participating in the project after the jump.

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On March 19th, 2012 Broncos history changed forever. Of course, some of us were thrilled and others were upset/confused about Peyton Manning choosing the Denver Broncos as his new home.

The year was filled with uncertainty because, in all honesty, nobody knew whether or not he could be who he was in Indianapolis for us in Denver. But as Bronco fans tend to do, we trusted John Elway with his decision and were hopeful that the experiment would pan out.

Boy did it pan out. Many of us are still disappointed in the way the season ended, especially with New England looking so vulnerable in the AFC Championship game. Many of us keep replaying various aspects of the game against the Ravens in our head, so much so that we are unable to sleep soundly.  Many of us still believe that we should be playing in the Super Bowl on February 3rd in New Orleans.

It’s hard to think that just two years ago we had a 4-12 record and within the course of two seasons, with the help of John Elway, we achieved a 13-3 season.
Many of us will look back at this season and remember the San Diego comeback as the turning point. Down 24-0 at halftime, coming back through a whole team effort to win 35-24. I like to think of that game as the day we won the west. We swept the division this season! That hasn’t happened since 1998. The team as a whole stepped up in a huge way this season. We have a classy organization, with the best players and coaches.

I have to think that when we look back and reflect on the season that we will realize that not only was it a fantastic experience, it was amazing to watch a man who had recently had four neck surgeries come in to a new town and surgically slice up opposing defenses. It was nice to have him on our side for once. We must believe that the best is yet to come as there are rumors, from his father no less, that Peyton can continue to heal and get stronger over the course of this summer.

March 19th, 2013 marks the 1st anniversary of his decision to join the Denver Broncos. I would like to invite any fans who are thankful for his choice to send a thank you letter/card to Peyton Manning, John Elway, or Pat Bowlen, perhaps all three! In order for this project to work you must write 3/19/13 on the backside of the envelope so that Ms. Papsdorf can keep them together and deliver them all at once.  Make sure that you address your letters/cards to the right recipient

Peyton Manning
Attention: Pam Papsdorf
7505 South Potomac St.
Englewood, Colorado
I know that Broncos Country is thankful for his decision and I’m hoping you will join me in thanking him for a wonderful season and for choosing to become part of our family. We are also asking that anyone who has a twitter account use the hashtags #AppreciatetheBroncos, #ThankYouPeyton, #ManningManiaDay and #PeytonsDay on 3/19/13. Let’s get it trending and let Peyton know how much we appreciate him. Thank you ahead of time for your participation. Let’s remind the country why the Broncos have the best fans in all of sports! Go Broncos!!!

Tiffany Catellier

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