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Beyonce's half time show totally didn't cause a power outage except it probably did

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Roger Goodell has been quick to assure TV viewers that the Super Bowl half time show starring Beyonce had nothing to do with the power outage that immediately followed it. There's just one problem. According to CBS' Boomer Esiason, the same thing happened twice during Beyonce's rehearsals.

Despite the company line from the NFL, Esiason told CBS New York: “By the way, Beyonce blew the electric in the Superdome twice, I'm told, during her rehearsals during the week.”

He then backtracked a little, trying to cover his tracks: “All I know we're up there [on Sunday] and [radio announcer] Kevin Harlan says to me, ‘Do you hear that buzzing?' And it sounded like an electrical situation. It was not an alarm of any sort. It just sounded like a light getting ready to blow, that kind of thing. But it was loud, and it was very prevalent to us because we were so close to the ceiling. And then literally about five or six minutes later, that's when the power went out."

Let's face it, the stage Beyonce danced upon needed some serious juice. It makes perfect sense that the grid couldn't handle it. I have no idea why the NFL would wish to keep this under wraps. It's as though the Commish wants to control the message even when there's no real reason to.



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