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The breaking news that's about to take over Super Bowl week is that Ray Lewis likely cheated, using a substance BANNED BY THE NFL in order to return to the field for the Ravens in time for the Playoffs. In other words, Baltimore's victories over Denver and New England ... and subsequent trip to New Orleans ... are TAINTED!

The Philadelphia Enquirer site Philly.com has the story HERE.

Pro Football Talk has the condensed version HERE.

Mitch Ross, a former male stripper and founder of a company called Sports With Alternatives to Steroids (or SWATS) claims to have video tape of Ray Lewis purchasing a regimen which included deer antler pills in order to recover as quickly as possible from the triceps injury he suffered in October. Those deer antler pills violate the NFL banned substance policies.

Unfortunately, the cheating Raven is unlikely to be caught or disciplined before the Super Bowl, which is already planned to be his final game in the NFL. He can't be suspended or fined once he retires.

This story will get bigger and bigger and bigger, like Ray Lewis' ego.




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