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Morton: Homosexuality, Sports and Unfollowing on Twitter

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(Editors note: Jeffrey Morton is a friend and a contributor to Denver Stiffs. We have asked Jeffrey to work with us when his ramblings are non-NBA related. Today Jeffrey is riled up about Twitter)

"Why listen to what Jeff Morton has to say about a possible Nuggets trade when you can be distracted by his sexuality?"

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You aren't homophobic for unfollowing someone on twitter because they bring up their sexuality in passing. You're just a jerk.

 I had someone send me a direct message on twitter, prior to unfollowing me, stating in part that "I didn't know you were gay. You should stay away from the sports man, and just keep to talking about clothing". Now, this is weird because I have never once spoken about clothing on my twitter account - and this is an interesting observation that would indicate the person who sent me a message had some stereotypical thoughts on homosexuality. I don't really care one way or the other and your personal views are your choice, however, why TELL someone you are unfollowing them prior to doing so? Just do it, don't be a jerk.

I've often felt, at least in the sports world, that people's preconceived notions of sports coverage doesn't happen to include the word gay. In fact it's probably the antithesis of the stereotypical view of athletes and - oddly - those who cover them. My question would be, why on earth would my sexuality affect your point of view? So since I'm gay, it invalidates my assertion that George Karl struggles with in-game adjustments? I had no idea. So this is what you see when I write a column on Denver Stiffs or post on twitter -

"Gay gay gay, balls, gay gay gay and gay".


How very nice of you. You may want to have either your reading comprehension level checked or you have some repressed issues you need attended to. I pride myself on being astute in the ways of the NBA, and I would hope that my analysis doesn't come across as Memorial Day at Fire Island. If my description of the Nuggets dribble drive offense get's confused with professing love for muscle studs then obviously I'm doing it wrong.

I think this is a symptom of a greater problem within our society. This problem is getting distracted by the shiny object in the corner. Why listen to what Jeff Morton has to say about a possible Nuggets trade when you can be distracted by his sexuality. Nine times out of ten you are just lashing out because you don't agree with what I have to say. Here's a suggestion for you - come to me with your disagreement and lay out a reasoned argument. Seems like a simple solution rather than lashing out at my sexuality.

I rarely mention my sexuality in my articles (has happened twice in three years). I will speak about it on twitter, but social media is a different ball of wax. I rarely mention it there as well, but I will respond if you ask. If that offends then you are more than welcome to unfollow - just don't message me saying that's why you are unfollowing me. At that point you are just trying to get a Carmelo Anthony-esque slap-and-retreat and I lose all respect for you.

My undying hope in my life is that you like me for my character. I hope I treat people as I myself want to be treated. In the end, one would hope that is the lasting legacy I leave.


Now if you'll excuse me I will go back to thinking about muscle studs.

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