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Female blogger offers instructions for “snagging a Super Bowl baller”

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(Via Baller Alert, Full Court Pumps)

In case you weren’t convinced that women travel to sporting events such as the Super Bowl with the goal in mind of bedding a pro player (or two), here’s hard evidence. Blogger “eleven8” of Baller Alert dot com (“for women who want the ballerific life”) in a post dated January 23, offers ladies tips on being in the right place at the right time to “score someone”.

Eleven8 discloses some of the tricks of the trade: the “bartender trick”, the “pre-game trick” and the ruefully clever technique of actually getting a job at the luxury hotel where the teams are staying.

She also offers this nugget of wisdom:
“Knowing that many Ballers can't control themselves, they'll probably binge on alcohol and this is when you'll snag him! Make it a point to make eye contact with your Baller several times throughout the night. Licking your lips and batting your eyes also serve as a great way to get your point across.”

It’s worth pointing out that, in another post positioned right above the one containing instructions for hussies, Eleven8 profiles former Denver Bronco Perrish Cox in her feature titled “morning wood”. Apparently the reputed rapist is somebody she finds attractive. Cox might not even need to drug this gal in order to have his way with her.

Eleven8’s article shouldn’t shock anybody. We all know that some women think this way. It is surprising, though, to see it spelled out so blatantly. And we wonder why certain former Denver players currently working in the media take such a dim view of women.

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