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It’s Super Bowl week. Time for @Dmac1043 to get his Tweet on

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“The Super Bowl is t just a game it's a sports and media convention. Doin this for 25 years this is a bigger reunion than high school”(sic) - Dmac

Prepare yourselves. Darren McKee, better known as D Mac, the shock jock turned sports radio power player is at the Super Bowl once again -and he’s armed with a smart phone. You just never know what will happen.

DMac’s Tweets from Indianapolis last year have become stuff of legend. Fans are expecting nothing less in 2013. Whether he’s hunting cougar, giving the blow-by-blow of a drunken mans pathetic attempts to get laid or providing in-depth descriptions of the various fashion disasters that he sees,  Dmac’s 9 nine-thousand plus Twitter followers are looking more forward to his shenanigans than they are the game.

The closer we get to kickoff, the better Dmac’s tweets will get. Followers are advised to stay up late. The best stuff posts after midnight. Luckily, NOLA is in the Central time zone, so Dmac’s tomfoolery will be an hour ahead all week long. One needn’t stay up past two Mountain time to catch Dmac’s best Tweets.

If the Broncos were playing we would have a lot to look forward to this week. But, they aren’t. The pressure is all on everybody’s favorite sports radio talk show host to deliver the misspelled goods.

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