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Video: Colin Kaepernick's real mom lives in Colorado

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The birth mother of San Francisco's star QB, Colin Kaepernick, lives in Colorado. Fox 31 News caught up to Heidi Russo, who gave Colin up for adoption when she was just 19 years old. She claims not to be coming forward to capitalize on Colin's success. She says she only wants him to know that she thinks about him.

That message, of course, could just as easily be sent without the aid of the media. She's probably full of crap to one extent or another. What good could it possibly do Kaepernick to have the mother he  never knew giving interviews before the Super Bowl? It can really only be a self-serving move on her part. One would assume that she contacted the TV station in the first place. It's doubtful that they conceived the story idea and tracked her down.

It's likely that Russo is feeling pretty low about giving a superstar up for adoption and hopes that the spotlight will soothe her a little bit.


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