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Should John Elway buy the island?

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Jay Furguson had a Billboard hit in 1978 with Thunder Island, a smooth track in the tradition of the great yacht rock of the seventies. That has nothing to do with Darrelle Revis, except for the “island” part. But this is a post about Revis and whether or not the Broncos should pursue a trade with the New York Jets to acquire him.

The 27 year-old dubbed himself “Revis Island” and even trademarked the moniker. The nickname refers to the cornerback’s unparalleled ability to cover receivers one on one. Despite his missing most of the 2012 season with a torn ACL, Revis is considered to be the best “shut down” defender in the NFL and the Jets might make him available.

Revis has just one more year left of his contract with New York, a contract that he has already tried to renegotiate, going so far as the threaten a hold out during the last pre-season. It the Jets trade Revis, his next team is going to need to offer him a contract extension and it’s going to have to be for monster money. That’s risky business when a guy’s coming off major surgery.

Should the Broncos take that risk? Various outlets have included Denver in lists of the teams most likely to pursue him – which makes sense considering the Broncos season was halted by a breakdown in coverage. Why wouldn’t Elway buy an island? He proved with the signing of Peyton Manning that he’s not afraid to pull out all the stops to make headline-grabbing deals if he thinks it will help his team.

The addition of Revis would probably make the Broncos instant favorites to win the AFC in 2013 and proceed to the Super Bowl. Of course, by the time the 2012 regular season ended they were favorites already. They’re not going to need a Revis to be good; but he could make them really, really good.

Champ Bailey on one side, Revis on the other. Tony Carter and Chris Harris, too. My, oh, my, Denver’s secondary would certainly be a force to be reckoned with.

The question will be whether or not the Broncos can offer the Jets enough to get Revis and whether or not they’re willing to give that much up.

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