Friday, 25 January 2013 12:20

All Stars be damned. JaVale makes the Nugs America’s team.

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You can keep your Kevin Durants and Lebron James’, your Kyrie Irvings and your Lual Dengs. We’ve got finger mustaches and Segways. We’ve got seven feet of fun. We’ve got JaVale and that means the Denver Nuggets are America’s team. That’s right. America’s team.

Does your favorite All Star’s mom sit courtside for every game? Does your All Star puff an inhaler during time outs? Can he dunk three balls at once? Does he have the longest arms in the NBA? Is your All Star the subject of internet Photoshop competitions?

Is Kobe Bryant on Deadspin every week? I don’t think so. Does Blake Griffin pass the ball to himself off the backboard? No way. Does Tim Duncan stir up a bowl of porridge and eat it when he sinks a three? Forget it. There’s only one JaVale Lindy McGee and thank God almighty he calls the Mile High City home.

So what if the Nuggets have no All Stars and that they’re only sending their mascot to Houston in February. It’s a whole lot more fun watching our man JaVale than it is watching James Harden or Zach Randolph. We get to see him play nearly every other night and he’s almost always good for a belly laugh. Best of all, when JaVale’s on fire he’s actually pretty good.

Unconventional, baffling and child-like. That’s so JaVale. He’s a big old Muppet with a thunderous dunk and a proclivity towards going the wrong direction. And he’s all ours.

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