Wednesday, 23 January 2013 17:19

Today in duh: Manning was consulted on Gase decision

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(photo USA Today)

When the Denver Broncos opted to promote Adam Gase from QBs coach to offensive coordinator (rather than making a big splash by hiring former Cardinals HC Ken Whisenhunt) there were many Broncos fans that kind of flipped out. Dan Mohrmann over at Mile High Sports even wrote an article accusing John Fox of "taking a knee" on the decision.

It was pretty obvious that Peyton Manning had to have been included in the decision making process all along - but today we have confirmation. The USA Today broke the story and I found it at Pro Football Talk.

Manning approves of the Gase hire and that makes perfect sense. Manning is, after all, the defacto OC for the Broncos. Why would he want to tangle with a big personality like Whisenhunt when he can lord over a coach with less gravity? Gase will do Manning's bidding and that's what coaching the Broncos offense is all about.

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