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Will the real Denver Nuggets please stand up?

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Sandy Clough made an excellent point on his radio program this morning (9-noon weekdays on 104.3 the Fan). Clough pointed out that, in order to have a feel for the Nuggets season, a person only had to watch their games on Friday and on Sunday. As is often the case, Sandy said more in one off-the-cuff observation that most of the sports yappers in town make during an entire show. This isn’t the first post I have written spawned by Sandy’s brilliant mind.

Friday night the Nuggets surrendered a loss to the Washington Wizards who have proven themselves capable of rearing up against any team on any given night, yet hold a season record of just nine wins next to thirty losses. They’re a lottery team; a terrible team. Denver had no business losing to them at home. Certainly Nuggets fans deserved better than that. It was the toughest game of the season to watch – especially for the paying customers at Pepsi Center.

On Sunday night the Nuggets faithful got what they deserved. They saw their team beat the best in basketball, the fearsome Oklahoma City Thunder live and in color. The game was fast-paced and exciting and, despite Denver allowing OKC back into the contest near the end, the Nuggets held on for a 121-118 victory in overtime. Free basketball. Free tacos.

Which Nuggets team is the real Nuggets team? The one that left fans deflated on Friday or elated on Sunday? The answer: both. If there’s one thing the Denver Nuggets do consistently it is display their inconsistency. Sandy Clough was right. If you watched the Denver Nuggets play those two games then you have them sized up. They’re a three steps forward, two steps back team. And this is nothing new. It’s been the case for years now and it does grow frustrating. 

The big win on Sunday was enough to offset the Nuggets previous two losses. The mood around the squad is positive again. But we all know it's only a matter of time before they leave us scratching our heads again, wondering which Nuggets team to expect from one game to the next. 

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