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The Broncos won't play in the Super Bowl, but Perrish Cox will

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This year the Super Bowl might also be known as the "he got away with it bowl." On one side, Ray Lewis, whos victims bled out on Altanta Street. On the other side, Perrish Cox who's victim got pregnant on an air mattress with a head full of roofies.


The Denver Broncos aren't going to the Big Dance, but Perrish Cox is, by golly. Perrish Cox is. It's proof that the football gods just don't much care about what goes on in real life. Nice guys don't always win - and that's just fine with them.

The Broncos, as we all recall, shipped Cox out once his trial was over and he had gotten away with raping that girl. They didn't need him hanging around, a cloud of shame and embarassment over his head. So he went to the Niners and now he gets to play for all the marbles while his former team mates, including Demaryius Thomas, the victims original date, stay home.

At least Tom Brady won't be there either.


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