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Our NFL Conference Championship picks VS the spread

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We have had a ton of fun playing the South Stands Annual NFL Pickoff VS the Spread this season. Now it has all come down to just three more games. The possibility exists that three of our four pickers could finish in a tie.

If our buddy Snyder is incorrect in each of his next three picks, John and Colin, both of whom trail him by three games, could catch him. It's an interesting possible oucome. But, if Snyder gets even one game right ... he wins the season.

Here are the picks:


Atlanta VS San Francisco (-4)

Colin's pick: Atlanta +4

Reidy's pick: Atlanta +4

Snyder's pick: San Francisco -4

Scott's pick: San Francisco -4

Baltimore @ New England (-8)

Colin's pick: Baltimore +8

Reidy's pick: Baltimore +8

Snyder's pick: New England -8

Scott's pick: Baltimore +8

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