Friday, 18 January 2013 22:09

OMG, WTF Nuggets?

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OMG #Nuggets WTF. I'm not LOLing. That was bullshit. You lost to the Wizards at home? Nene FTW?

This isn't good. Barring a miracluous effort leading to a win over the clearly-far-better Thunder on Sunday, your Denver Nuggets will have dropped three in a row.

Three is a trend.

What a complete bummer. In the span of three games we will have seen how low the Nuggets can go and just how far away they are from being contenders. All they had to do was win the Washington game to prevent this stretch from being a calamity and they couldn't. It does not bode well.

The worst part is that George Karl sounds like a defeated man who's holding on in hopes of one last shot at some kind of miracle. He's old. He's sick. He shows it.

Melvin Hunt looks a hell of a lot like an NBA coach. Maybe the Nuggets should elevate him. Maybe Karl should take on the Doug Moe roll.



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