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Naturally, it's perfect football weather.

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Mother Nature is kind of cruel little bitch.

Where the hell was 62 January degrees last Saturday? Old Momma N decided it would be a real cute trick to deliver the years most wicked cold snap, icy temps and bitter winds, for the day of the Ravens game and then immediately flip the switch to unseasonable warmth.

A week ago we were digging for our scarves and heavy gloves and today we're all washing our motorcyles. 

The AFC Championship game at Mile High would have been amazing this coming Sunday. Perfect football weather at kickoff, an evening so warm that Peyton Manning would never even have seen his breath. TV Network cameras would have panned the great City of Denver, reflecting it in Spring-like glory, but doing the ski resorts no favors.

Had the Divisional Round been held off just one more week, everything would have been different.

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