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San Diego, here he comes

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According to various reports around the web and on the Twitter machine, Denver Broncos Offensive Coordinator Mike McCoy, who has been the target of several NFL clubs in their Head Coaching searches, is poised to accept the San Diego job.

On behalf of all Broncos fans, please allow me the first to say BWAAA HAA HA.

This is absolutely perfect. It's widely believed here in Broncos Country that the Broncos managed to make the playoffs in the past two seasons despite McCoy's hyper-conservative play calling - that his greatest successes have come only when he has stepped aside, bagged his game script and allowed talent to take over.  He is somebody we would gladly wish on our worst enemy. Yet, because the Broncos have found some success, he is coveted by other teams.

There's no place this guy could have wound up that would have delighted us more. Hopefully the hire takes place today. We could all use a little good news.


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