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Alfred Williams and Mark Kiszla clash over press box decorum

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In the wake of the Broncos indescribably painful loss to the Ravens on Saturday, one prime member of the Denver Sports media called out another for being a fan in the press box.

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Alfred Williams is a huge Broncos fan. Literally. The former linebacker and defensive end was an All-Pro for Denver and won two rings here - in 1998 and 1999. Since he also played for CU during the glory days of the Buffaloes, he's among the most decorated of all local sports heroes. That's why he's such a valued asset to his employer, 104.3 the Fan radio.

Yesterday, Alfred Williams represented his station in the Denver Broncos press box where he sat in his role as a journalist but, in the estimation of another, behaved like a fan. Denver Post columnist and fellow radio commentator, Mark Kiszla, objected to Williams wearing a Broncos jersey in an environment where cheering is considered unprofessional. He called Williams out for it on Twitter. Other media members would, in Kiszla's estimation, be immediately removed from the box for displaying the same behavior that "Big Al" did. According to Kiszla, there was a double standard at play. 



Alfred Williams feels at though he's earned the right to sports his Broncos gear wherever he wishes. His message to Kiszla? "Up yours".


 Williams certainly has earned the right to be a fan - and to sit with the fans. Heaven knows that he can sit anywhere in the stadium that he wants to. The Broncos would certainly invite him into the Budweiser Champions Club - a luxurious suite willed with catering where the Broncos Alumni gather for home games.

There's no reason for Williams to be in the press box dressed as a fan. He overstepped his bounds. He really seems to think that the accepted rules do not apply to him becuase he has accomplished so much more than everybody else. It's as if to Al, the rest of the media members are guests in his home. Nevermind that they all worked hard to get there, too.

Williams' on-air partner, Darren McKee AKA Dmac, respects Kiszla's opinion on the press box issue.


But does Dmac agree with Mark? My guess is that he probably does. Dmac is likely embarassed by the whole thing. He will defend his friend and partner, though.

The frap between Mark Kiszla and Alfred Williams that played out on Twitter last night was a pefect distraction from thinking about the Broncos. So, for that I thank them both.



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