Saturday, 12 January 2013 23:12

Tim Tebow's brother Peter is an asshole

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Tim Tebow's useless leech of a brother, Peter Tebow  must feel as though Tim was somehow vindicated by the Broncos losing by a field goal in overtime of one of the great playoff games of all time.

Tonight he tweeted "Am I the only one in Denver who's happy right now?"

Well, you classless, asshole, no. A lot of us are happy that your brother is gone and that, instead of sneaking into the playoffs, the Broncos made a statement. They have hope for the future, too. Your brother? Not so much. Not even the Jaguars want his sorry ass.

Congratulations on adding immature bitterness to the Tebow mystique. His career is already headed nowhere but Canada, anyway.

Better find a good moving company, Peter. Nobody wants you around anymore, either.

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