Monday, 07 January 2013 22:58

Breaking: Ty Lawson is a moron

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The not-so-good folks at TMZ were able to catch up to overpaid / underperforming Nuggets PG Ty Lawson in L.A. after Denver's win over the Lakers. Not only did Lawson poke the struggling Lakers with a stick, he basically conceded that the Nuggets aren't good enough to hang with the Clippers.

Something tells me that George Karl will be hopping mad about this.

When TMZ comes around with their cameras, the first rule is that you run away. Lawson needs to be smart enough to know that there's nothing to be gained by talking to them. He was probably just thrilled that somebody knew who he was. This idiotic manuever does nothing to help the Nuggets win. If anything it gave the Lakers the fuel they need to make sure they don't lose to Denver at Staples Center again anytime soon.



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