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Mike McCoy's greatest trick? Disappearing.

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He's one of the hottest head coaching prospects in the NFL, having attracted interest from nearly all of the seven clubs that recently extricated their guy. Yet Broncos' offensive coordinator Mike McCoy's greatest contribution the Denver's two recent AFC West Championships has been getting out of the way.

During the "Tebow era" the Broncos won games in the fourth quarter after abandoning McCoy's game plan and turning their fate over to Timmy. "Release the Tebow" was the chant heard over and over again in the Rocky Mountains. And, eventually, McCoy would comply. He would realize that his way wasn't working, stand aside, and let the talents of his unconventional QB take over.

Early in the 2012 season, now with Peyton Manning under center, the Broncos followed much the same script: they would do it McCoy's way until it was abundantly clear that a loss was imminent, then uncork the offense and let it fly.

The Broncos have won despite Mike McCoy and his game scripts. Still, they are the top seed in the AFC and they've taken the West two years in a row. That makes McCoy a highly coveted coach. He is almost certain to take over an ailing team. Some sad sack city is going to be counting on McCoy to give them new hope for the future.

The Broncos will only get better when he's gone. Mike McCoy's greatest trick is disappearing. And, when he finally vanishes from the Broncos sidelines, the team will finally be freed from the offensive stagnation they've managed to play through under his tenure.

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