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Our week sixteen NFL picks VS the spread

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The South Stands Denver Annual Pickoff VS the Spread is chugging into it's 16th week with all of our pickers bundled in a nice, tight five-game race. Our Buddy, Snyder, who leads the contest, could find himself in catch-up mode after this week. Producer Scott Stafford, who's bringing up the rear, could find himself in first place if everything comes together.

It's a crazy week of match-ups in the NFL. Some games don't matter at all while others are crucial. Should be a fun one, you guys.

Our picks are, as they say on the internet, after the jump.

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Detroit VS Atlanta (-3.5)
The Falcons blew out the Super Bowl champs last week, finally earning some of the respect that they've been given in the power rankings all season. The Lions are just falling apart.
Colin's pick: Atlanta -3.5
Reidy's pick: Detroit +3.5

Snyder’s pick: Atlanta -3.5

Scott"s Pick:  Atlanta -3.5


Tennessee @ Green Bay (-12.5)
The Titans suck less than the Jets, apparently. They're probably no match, however, to the Packers at Lambeau Field. The question then becomes ... can they cover the 12.5?
Colin's pick: Green Bay -12.5
Reidy's pick: Green Bay -12.5

Snyder’s pick Snyder: Green Bay -12.5

Scott"s Pick:   Tennessee +12.5


Oakland @ Carolina (-8)
Cam Newton is back on track and the Panthers look great - too bad they waited too long to get it together. They won't be going to playoffs, but Carolina has a chance to end their season on a promising note against the dismal Raiders.
Colin's pick: Carolina -8
Reidy's pick: Carolina -8

Snyder’s pick: Carolina -8

Scott"s Pick:   Carolina -8


Buffalo @ Miami (-5)
Two irrelevant AFC East teams face one another because the schedule says that they have to.
Colin's pick: Miami -5
Reidy's pick: Buffalo +5

Snyder’s pick: Buffalo +5
Scott’s pick: Miami -5


Cincinnati @ Pittsburgh (-3.5)
Oh, look. A game that matters. Two tough, physical AFC North teams face off this week and only one will make it to the playoffs. This game means everything for the fading Steelers and the emerging Bengals. Should be a fun one.
Colin's pick: Cincinnati +3.5
Reidy's pick: Pittsburgh -3.5

Snyder’s pick: Pittsburgh -3.5

Scott"s Pick:   Pittsburgh -3.5


New England @ Jacksonville (-14.5)
The Patriots, who lost to the Niners on Sunday, travel to sunny Florida to face the Jaguars, who are already making plans to acquire Tebow in the off-season.
Colin's pick: New England -14.5
Reidy's pick: New England -14.5

Snyder’s pick: New England -14.5

Scotts Pick:   Jacksonville +14.5


Kansas City VS Indianapolis (-7)
Indy has come a long way since last season. The Colts were the NFL's worst team. What a turnaround. The Chiefs should take notes.
Colin's pick: Indianapolis -7
Reidy's pick: Indianapolis -7

Snyder’s pick: Indianapolis -7

Scott"s Pick:   Indianapolis -7


New Orleans @ Dallas (-3)
While the Saints are on the outside looking in, the Cowboys have got a real shot at a Wild Card. They're favored by only 3 in the house that Jerry built.
Colin's pick: Dallas -3
Reidy's pick: Dallas -3

Snyder’s pick: New Orleans +3

Scott"s Pick:   New Orleans +3


Philadelphia VS Washington (-6.5)
Robert Griffin III will return to the Redskins' lineup this week at they travel into Philly to face the woeful Eagles, led by another less noteworthy rookie QB in Nick Foles. Will the Eagles play hard in memory of Andy Reid? They're big underdogs at home.
Colin's pick: Washington -6.5
Reidy's pick: Washington -6.5

Snyder’s pick: Washington -6.5

Scott"s Pick:   Philadelphia +6.5


St Louis @ Tampa Bay (-3)
Another game that both teams would just as soon not play. Look for the coaches to play this one close. The best bet is probably the under. Josh Freeman is the devil.
Colin's pick: St Louis +3
Reidy's pick: St Louis +3

Snyder’s pick: Tampa +3

Scott"s Pick:   St Louis +3


Baltimore VS NY Giants (-2.5)
This is a nice match-up between two teams who let their fans down last week. The Giants are at risk of missing the playoffs, the Ravens are not.
Colin's pick: NY Giants -2.5 
Reidy's pick: NY Giants -2.5

Snyder’s pick: Baltimore +2.5

Scott"s Pick:   Baltimore +2.5


Minnesota @ Houston (-7.5)
This is another nice looking match-up between an NFC playoff hopeful and an AFC lock.  The Texans want to hang onto their #1 seed while the Vikings look to keep their slim playoff hopes alive.
Colin's pick: Minnesota +7.5
Reidy's pick: Minnesota +7.5

Snyder’s pick: Minnesota +7.5

Scott"s Pick:   Houston -7.5


Cleveland @ Denver (-13)
The Broncos are HUGE home favorites against Brandon Weeden and his not-bad Browns. There's little doubt that the Broncos will take care of business, but can they cover this enormous line?
Colin's pick: Denver -13  
Reidy's pick: Cleveland +13

Snyder’s pick: Denver -13

Scott"s Pick:   Denver -13


Arizona VS Chicago (-5.5)
The Bears have had a disappointing season, but nothing like the Cardinals, who started 4-0 before the wheels fell off. Both teams coaches could be facing termination.
Colin's pick: Arizona +5.5
Reidy's pick: Chicago -5.5

Snyder’s pick: Chicago -5.5

Scott"s Pick:   Chicago -5.5


Seattle VS San Francisco (-1)
It takes a pretty good team to be favored in Seattle. The Niners are favored, but only by one point, in the toughest place to play in the NFL. This is the game of the week, you guys.
Colin's pick: Seattle +1
Reidy's pick: Seattle +1

Snyder’s pick: Seattle +1

Scott"s Pick:   San Francisco -1


San Diego @ NY Jets (-2.5)
This game might be so incredibly bad that it's good.
Colin's pick: San Diego +2.5
Reidy's pick: NY Jets -2.5 

Snyder’s pick: San Diego +2.5

Scott"s Pick:   NY JETS -2.5


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