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Another local sports media talent goes National

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A big South Stands shout out to Brandon Krisztal, the ubiquitous producer / reporter who will be leaving 104.3 the Fan and Colorado in the new year. Brandon is accepting a position with CBS Sports in New York from what we're hearing.

We're very happy for Brandon who joins Lauren Gardner, Alanna Rizzo and Lindsay Jones as Denver media members who have recently graduated to the National stage. This market is one that attracts attention by breeding talents like Brandon. He must be terribly excited.

Meanwhile, the Fan will need to replace him, and that won't be easy. Krisztal had developed a lot of relationships around the Denver Sports landscape. Part of his value to the station is that he can get people on the phone, arrange interviews, grab sound and report breaking news.

My fondest memory of Brandon will always be the way he helped man the airwaves on that dark Friday after the Aurora theater shootings. Jessica Redfield, who had worked as an intern at the Fan, was gone and many of the personalities there were having trouble coping. Brandon stepped up to the studio mic and fielded calls from frightened listeners trying to make sense of the tragedy.

I will also remember the good-natured ribbing that Brandon took from the likes of Scott Hastings, Alfred Williams and Dmac and the way he always took it with a smile on his face.

Oh, and who could forget Peyton Manning teasing him for being short?


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