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Our week fifteen NFL picks VS the spread

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The race to the top of our Annual NFL pickoff VS the spread continues, and it's a close one! Snyder is still in the lead, but Producer Scott Stafford, John Reidy and Colin Daniels are all hot on his tail as we enter week fifteen. So how do the fellows see these games going down? Our picks after the jump.

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Philadelphia VS Cincinnati (-4)
The AFC North is good. So good that the Bengals won't make the playoffs even though they're good. Good enough to be favored by four points on the road against the Nick Foles led Eagles.
Colin's pick: Philadelphia +4
Reidy's pick: Philadelphia +4
Snyder's pick: Philadelphia +4
Scott's pick: Philadelphia +4

Chicago VS Green Bay (-2.5)
The Bears are in a real fix. If they fail to make the post-season their coach will probably be canned. Things don't get an easier for them this week, either. The Packers come to the Windy City this week, and are favored.
Colin's pick: Green Bay -2.5
Reidy's pick: Green Bay -2.5  
Snyder's pick: Green Bay -2.5
Scott's pick: Green Bay -2.5

NY Giants @ Atlanta (-1.5)
The Falcons have been flying high in 2012, but have been brought down to earth by the likes of Tampa Bay. Are they as good as their record indicates? There's no better way to prove that they are than by beating the World Champion Giants who visit Atlanta Sunday for a possible playoff preview.
Colin's pick: NY Giants +1.5
Reidy's pick: Atlanta -1.5
Snyder's pick: Atlanta -1.5
Scott's pick: NY Giants +1.5

Tampa Bay @ New Orleans (-3)
It's a lost season for the Saints, who have spent 2012 surrounded in scandal and uncertainty. Making matters worse is the fact that their legendary QB has been tossing as many passes to other teams as he has his own of late. Tampa is still in the mix for a post-season berth but they need a win in the Big Easy.
Colin's pick: New Orleans -3
Reidy's pick: New Orleans -3
Snyder's pick: New Orleans -3
Scott's pick: New Orleans -3

Minnesota @ St Louis (3)
This contest features two teams with the potential to break out one of these days. Although it seems like folks say that about the Vikings and the Rams year after year and it never comes true. One thing is for certain, Adrian Peterson has left his mark on the 2012 season. He's chasing the all-time rushing title.
Colin's pick: Minnesota +3
 Reidy's pick: Minnesota +3
Snyder's pick: Minnesota +3
Scott's pick: St Louis -3

Washington @ Cleveland (-1)
Robert Griffin III is practicing this week and should be able to play versus the Browns on Sunday - at least that's what Shanahan and his 'Skins are hoping.
This promises to be one of the tightest match-ups of the week, as indicated by the 1-point line which is likely to shift in the coming days.
Colin's pick: Washington +1
Reidy's pick: Cleveland -1
Snyder's pick: Cleveland -1
Scott's pick: Washington +1

Jacksonville @ Miami (-7)
You would think these two teams would be in the same division, wouldn't you?
Colin's pick: Miami -7
Reidy's pick: Miami -7
Snyder's pick: Miami -7
Scott's pick: Miami -7

Baltimore VS Denver (-2.5)
The Broncos are road favorites in what was likely to be the last game of the season that they would not be favored to win. Vegas loves Peyton Manning, though. This is a critical tilt for both clubs as it will help determine final seedings for the playoffs.
Colin's pick: Denver -2.5
Reidy's pick: Denver -2.5
Snyder's pick: Denver -2.5
Scott's pick: Denver -2.5

Indianapolis @ Houston (-8.5)
For a team that got skunked as badly as the Texans did on Monday night who is also coming off a short week, Houston is a heavy favorite at home versus Andrew Luck and the Colts. Broncos fans will have a close eye on the outcome of this AFC South match-up.
Colin's pick: Indianapolis +8.5
Reidy's pick: Indianapolis +8.5
Snyder's pick: Indianapolis +8.5
Scott's pick: Houston -8.5

Carolina @ San Diego (-3)
The Chargers have been playing teams tough lately. Heck, they beat the Steelers and the Ravens. Who knows? Maybe Norv can keep his job after all.
Can the Chargers hold off Cam? Can they sell some tickets?
Colin's pick: San Diego -3
 Reidy's pick: San Diego -3
Snyder's pick: San Diego -3
Scott's pick: San Diego -3

Buffalo VS Seattle (-5)
Whoa boy. The Seahawks put it on the Cardinals, didn't they? Wow. But can they get it done on the road? Seattle has it's eye on the playoffs, so it's critical that they take home the prize versus the Bills. This game is in Toronto.
Colin's pick: Seattle -5
Reidy's pick: Seattle -5
Snyder's pick: Buffalo +5
Scott's pick: Buffalo +5

Arizona VS Detroit (-6)
The Cardinals are done. Stick a fork in them. Their coach is on the hot seat and Kevin Kolb is on I.R.. They're just playing out the string. Unfortunately, so are the Lions. This game has zero implications for the post-season, but it will be fun to see if the Cardinals give up 58 again.
Colin's pick: Detroit -6
Reidy's pick: Detroit -6
Snyder's pick: Detroit -6
Scott's pick: Detroit -6

Dallas VS Pittsburgh (-2)
The Cowboys are not out of the hunt, yet. You would think that they would be, but they're not. They need to win out, though, if they want to make the Playoffs. They host the Steelers this week in a game they are favored to lose.
Colin's pick: Dallas +2
Reidy's pick: Dallas +2
Snyder's pick: Dallas +2
Scott's pick: Pittsburgh -2

Kansas City @ Oakland (-3)
Vegas is giving the Raiders the traditional 3-point home advantage in this AFC West tilt. The only significance of this one is who will get the higher draft pick.
Colin's pick: Oakland -3
Reidy's pick: Oakland -3
Snyder's pick: Oakland -3
Scott's pick: Oakland -3

San Francisco @ New England (-5.5)
After what the Patriots did to the Texans on Monday night, this line is likely to move. So, if you want the Pats, better take 'em now. The 'Niners aren't too bad, either, though.
Colin's pick: New England -5.5
Reidy's pick: New England -5.5
Snyder's pick: New England -5.5
Scott's pick: San Francisco +5.5
NY Jets @ Tennessee (-1.5)
Would you believe that the Jets could still make the playoffs? They could. They need to win out, though. The Titans host Rex and the boys on Monday Night Football. Congratulations, ESPN.
Colin's pick: NY Jets +1.5
Reidy's pick: Tennessee -1.5
Snyder's pick: Tennessee -1.5
Scott's pick: Tennessee -1.5

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