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High expectations mean spoiled fans in Broncos Country

High expectations mean spoiled fans in Broncos Country

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Radio Row INTERVIEW: Peter Burns scored his dream gig but the Press Box will remain in good hands

Radio Row INTERVIEW: Peter Burns scored his dream gig but the Press Box will remain in good hands

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Drew Soicher’s bad joke pissed the Broncos off pretty good

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Dusty Saunders takes Drew Soicher to task at long last

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The de-Masaiing of the Nuggets has begun

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Big idea: The Mile High Sports Magazine “Boys of Summer” issue.

Big idea: The Mile High Sports Magazine “Boys of Summer” issue.

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Change nothing but change the name Redskins

Change nothing but change the name Redskins

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Will we look back more fondly on the Tebow season than on the Manning era?

Will we look back more fondly on the Tebow season than on the Manning era?

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Better grilling NOW with Mangrate, the grill enhancement system. Use promo code: Denver for a $10 discount

Better grilling NOW with Mangrate, the grill enhancement system. Use promo code: Denver for a $10 discount

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Brian Shaw can cement his legacy as Denver's biggest jerk ever

Brian Shaw can cement his legacy as Denver's biggest jerk ever

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Michael Sam's kiss was jarring; not that there's anything wrong with that.

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Thursday, 13 December 2012 11:25

Denver’s top 7 Sports Radio talk shows

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What are the top 7 sports radio shows in the Denver market right now in the eyes of this sports radio junkie? The answer is, as they say, after the jump.

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The Denver sports radio landscape is always changing. We live in one of the only cities in America where the number of shows is so vast. We have three primary all-sports stations as well as news stations with heavy sports content. It’s impossible to listen to every show and, even if you could, your favorites would change with the shifting tides.

Radio lineups get moved around, hosts get new co-hosts, talents get new time slots, stations switch formats and even get sold. Great Denver sports radio is a constantly moving target. So which are the top shows in the Denver market today? As a sports radio junkie, I feel uniquely qualified to answer this question and, even if I am not, I am going to.

Inevitably, some very good programs will be omitted from this list. It’s only a top-7 after all. There are several that I really enjoy listening to that I wouldn’t necessarily include here if for no other reason than the content is more “guy talk” than raw sports. The Sports Nooner with Gil Whitely is a perfect example. So don’t feel badly if your favorite isn’t listed.


#7 Denver Sports Nation Radio. Mile High Sports Radio, weekend days 2-4 PM, various.

I have to confess to having a certain bias toward DSN radio. Before the show ever existed I was a listener and frequent caller to D in Denver’s podcast on Blog Talk Radio. I followed D and his partner, Adam Kinney when they went to 102.3 ESPN and appeared as a guest on their first real show.

Adam Kinney and D in Denver have really spread their wings over at MHS. They’ve gotten more confident and have begun working in guests from the local sports blogging community, which is an aspect of their show I really appreciate. They’re segment “logging on” gives air time to smart, talented people who would not otherwise be heard.

I do with that the show were in a more convenient time slot. It’s often “bumped” for other programming and, since it’s on the weekends I don’t get to listen as often as I would like to.

Denver Sports Nation is highly interactive and it represents the “every man” sports fan better than any other show in town.

 DenverSportsNation web

#6 The Brandon Spano Show with Brandon Spano. Mile High Sports Radio, Weekdays, 8-10 pm.

Brandon Spano is brash, loud and obnoxious in the style of popular satellite radio hosts. He lists Jim Rome among his influences which comes as no surprise. Spano likes to “bring it” and has firm, unwavering “takes” on everything from the NFL to boxing. He likes to mix it up a little bit with other local media types as well, which is always fun to hear.

The Brandon Spano show has a tongue-in-cheek feel to it, despite the fact that Spano himself is usually dead serious about whichever topic he happens to be ranting about on a given night.

Board operator / producer Zach Fogg gives the show stability and is afforded more mic time than he is on other MHS shows. Fogg is one of the brighter young commentators in the Denver sports media.

Spano web

#5 Gametime Decision / Ridin’ Shotgun with Cecil Lammey. 102.3 ESPN, Sundays 8-11 am, various.

It borders on criminal that Cecil Lammey isn’t a daily presence in Denver sports radio. He is far and away the brightest NFL mind in town as well as one of our most likeable local personalities. It just so happens that he has a large National presence as well.

Prior to 102.3 switching from “the Ticket” to the ESPN format, Lammey was on every day in the afternoons. His show, Ridin’ Shotgun, was short-lived but awesome. After the switch-over he was moved to weekends where he still kicks a ton of ass. His Sunday morning fantasy football show, Gametime Decision, is set-your-alarm-for-it good – possibly the best weekly fantasy show in the USA.

Lammey appears in various time slots throughout the year as the 102.3 ESPN programming lineup shifts. In whichever spot Lammey is found, he includes callers expertly. His shows always have a great “rock and roll” feel and his producer, Rob Wagner is an ideal Lammey sidekick.


#4 CJ and Kreckman. 102.3 ESPN, weekdays 3-6 pm

I’ve never been a huge fan of Charles Johnson, but he is good enough not to knock the luster off of Nate Kreckman, Denver’s most naturally funny sports radio talk show host. Kreck’s reputation is that of a hyper-prepared, intelligent and likeable guy and it comes across on the radio quite well. He laughs easily and gives the impression that he’s having a great time.

While Kreckman is a national-level talent living in Denver, Charles Johnson (CJ) is a local sports icon with deep roots at the University of Colorado. He’s heavily involved in all kinds of community activities and serves as a familiar sidekick to the talented Kreckman.


#3 The Drive with Big Al and Dmac. 104.3 the Fan, weekdays 3-6 pm

Former FM radio “shock jock” Darren “Dmac” McKee is as “wacky” a personality as you’ll find on your radio dial. He’s part sports fanatic, part used car salesman and part stand-up comedian. He also has a sincere, sweet side that allows him to easily identify with Denver Sports fans.

Alfred Williams is, well, Alfred Williams. He’s a giant in Colorado Sports with a National Championship and a couple of Super Bowl rings to prove it. As a veteran of both the CU Buffs and the Denver Broncos, Alfred can hardly move about the city without being recognized, which is unusual for a radio star.

Together, Big Al and Dmac offer a nearly perfect balance of skill, experience and humor on their show. It’s consistently great, day after day and the fun is never forced.


#2 Clough Talk with Sandy Clough. 104.3 the Fan, weekdays 9-noon

Sandy Clough is not for everybody. He’s somewhat dry compared to flashier hosts and his measured delivery, complete with his notorious pregnant pauses, render his an acquired taste. But, like most acquired tastes, Clough rewards those who enjoy him with a lot of flavor.

To put it simply, Sandy Clough is brilliant. He is a sports radio savant. Clough almost always works alone. He’s as well read as a College professor and his knowledge runs so deep that he has forgotten more about the sports scene in Denver than other hosts will ever know. He thinks on a level that nobody else does, which allows Clough to frequently conceive the basic points that other shows will run with in a given news cycle.

You can count on Sandy Clough for an intelligent, measured and compassionate assessment of any story. He doesn’t suffer fools lightly. Clough takes many callers, but they had better be on point because a Sandy Clough tongue lashing is never kind.

Clough talk was recently shifted from evenings to mornings on the Fan and I, for one, could not be happier. The new time slot allows me to listen to Sandy every day. Program Director, Nate Lundy deserves the “lineup move of the year” award.


#1 The Press Box with Kiszla and Burns. Mile High Sports Radio, weekdays 7-9 am

Again, I have to confess to having a certain bias toward this show. Host Peter Burns has been enormously supportive of the South Stands – both the blog and the podcast – and I consider him a “pal”. It’s with sincere objectivity, though, that I have adopted the Press Box as my favorite Denver sports radio program.

The combination of Burns, a young, active, socially connected import from Texas and Mark Kiszla, the legendary sports columnist from the Denver Post is the most intriguing in town. The two work surprisingly well together and they bring vastly different points of view to their morning show.

Burns and Kiszla have contrasting delivery styles. Burn is quick and quippy while Kiszla is thoughtful and insightful. Burns is a social media butterfly while Kiszla has his columns through which to express his message. By becoming Burns’ co-host, Kiszla made himself more accessible than he has been in the past and he seems to enjoy talking sports on the radio. He plays the role of the cantankerous “get off my lawn” type while Burns laughs about it. It’s fun – and that’s what sports radio is supposed to be.

The tempo of the Press Box is ideal for mornings. The show is especially good when USA Today NFL writer and Denver Post veteran Lindsay Jones is able to sit in. Jones is the lone female voice in the Denver sports radio universe which is pretty ridiculous. She, like Burns, is young and naturally entertaining to listen to.


Last modified on Friday, 01 February 2013 21:21
Colin Daniels

Colin is the emcee of the South Stands Denver Fancast and maintains our Twitter and Facebook accounts.


0 #7 Bert 2013-02-21 17:22
Good list! I'd have Sandy at #1 because to me he defines the space, he's like the soundtrack of driving in Denver and, like him or not, the only guy whose show will reliably get you caught up on all the major developments and educate you. What happened to that dude Oren, is he gone? He could be hilarious at times. One issue I have with Denver sports talk generally and the Fan in particular is too much focus on the Broncos. Of course I know that in the fall, the Broncos are king and I'm fine with that but in the winter we've got Nuggets, Avs, CU, CSU, AF and more yet I feel like half the time I swicth on the radio I'm still hearing about the Broncs. In the summer, the Rox, bad as they've been should be getting hammered but instead it's more Broncos talk I hear. It's overkill. I'm sure they have some kind of testing or numbers to back up the sheer amount of Broncos talk but it's like a good song that gets played too much, after a while you just don't want to hear it anymore
0 #6 Colin Daniels 2012-12-17 18:28
"If you want to be taken serious here you should stop be such a media whore.
I will look forward to seeing the list you compile at your site, whoever the hell you are. Pretty easy to talk from the sidelines - a little tougher to get in the game. I write about what I like. Thanks for the click.
+1 #5 Common Sense 2012-12-16 17:30
I think you meant "Top seven shows that will acknowledge my loser blog site," minus the Fans shows, who don't know you exist. The fact you put a wannabe clown like Spano on your list shows how clueless and desperate for attention you are. Biggest fake and half trik pony on air period. Denver Sports Nation sounds like a couple kids at Ohio Broadcasting School on their first day. Kneckman is a young Les Shiparo (a very bad thing) - that shows about to be off the air and replaced. Sandy is a has been they are trying to phase out. And Peter and Kiz the two biggest frauds on Radio. No Irv and Joe? No Morning Mayhem? There is not another guy like Danny Williams on local radio period. No Dave Logan, a legend in the business for a reason. If you want to be taken serious here you should stop be such a media whore. EV
+1 #4 brian from Evans.Co. 2012-12-14 05:55
I've been listening to sports radio Religiously since the late 70's, so I feel uniquely Qualified to critique the List. Sports radio stations and shows have come and gone over the last 30 yrs. and I've listened to all of 'em. A LOT. First off, I won't mention their names, but there are 2 on this list that are So Bad, they're like fingernails on a chalkboard. Un-listenable. I can't believe they're on this list. Also, I've listened to countless sports radio talk shows. Les Shapiro & Eric Goodman are better than Most on your List, it's ridiculous to have a few of these goofballs on the list, and even more ridiculous Goodman & Shapiro aren't rated ahead of them. Mike Evans is as good as it gets. Some maintain a boring pace, others are maniacal. Evans has energy, without the Idiocy. As a former athlete, Joel Klatt adds great insight to the show. He communicates well. He has a perspective most fans don't. Anyway, I hardly ever disagree with my opinion, so, My List Wins
0 #3 Da Mizer 2012-12-13 16:57
Kiszla sounds drunk most of the time. The next coherent sentence he says on the air will be his first.
0 #2 Reed Marks 2012-12-13 16:51
Spano could have been much higher on the list...maybe even #1 had he just not been a quitter! The fact he just quit Kung Fu Fighting really hurts his standing immensely!

Good List Colin.
+1 #1 Marty 2012-12-13 16:01
Good list but by admitting bias you should have called it "My top 7 Sports Radio talk shows". Jerk. :P

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