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Wednesday, 12 December 2012 23:36

South Stand Denver Fancast, Show 128

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Wow. A freaking fantastic show with actual psychologist Dr. Travis Heath. Dr. Heath (@DrTravisHeath) is one smart dude, he’s co-host The Renknowitall with Renaud Notaro on Mile High Sports (Mon-Fri, 6pm-8pm 93.7 FM) and he unwittingly psychoanalyzes the boys who, as you know have a host of mental health issues.

The psychology of the Zombie Apocalypse is discussed, the mental impact of being on social media is brought up, and then we get deep into the Nuggets and Carmelo Anthony. It's sobering.

A good Broncos discussion finally breaks out and some controversial things are said about Peyton Manning. There's a Name that Tweep: Denver Nuggets edition and someone wins a shirt from 5280 Shirtshop. Then Colin asks a question and we do about 15 more minutes on guns and a great discussion on concussions finishes it up. It's gripping, fantastic podcast and you’re gonna love it. Check out the good doctor on Mile High Sports, Hoops World and USA Today.

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0 #2 tron7 2012-12-13 15:39
I'm not sure YOU PEOPLE understand how much luck is involved in these close games. Remember when Ray Allen beat us with that corner three? Well, I watched the Heat play the Warriors last night and Ray bricked two wide open threes (with substantially more space than Brewer gave him) in the last couple of minutes that would have put the game away. Or, look at a couple games ago, Iggy hits a would-be game winner just a fraction of a second after the buzzer where if there was .2 more time on the clock he's released it in time. The Nuggets win a couple of those close games and it colors our whole opinion about how their doing. If they were 14-9 we wouldn't be having this conversation and that comes down to just a few coin flips going against them. Keep calm and carry on.
0 #1 tron7 2012-12-13 15:23
You people need to chill the fuck out about the Nuggets. They'll get 50 wins and will be in the playoffs with a chance at a title. Not a great chance, mind you, but a decent chance, and that's all I ask for as a fan. I have dual citizenship as a Milwaukee Bucks fan and, really, you don't know how good you have it as a Nugget's fans. I'm sure you'll call that not "demanding enough of the organization", which I'm fine with. The organization is doing just fine. Masai Ujiri has been brilliant in his time as GM, there isn't one move I look back on that I would change.

The whole need a superstar schtick is overplayed. If the Nuggets win a couple playoff series the media will pick whoever's playing the best and label them a superstar because it's all very deterministic. It's similar to the John Elway effect you mentioned. John can't win the big one, right up until the point where he does and then he's viewed in a different light. Same thing with Lebron.

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    The last show in the Concrete Bunker and we take it out in style with Zach “The Honeybear” Fogg (@zachfoggsports) and we dodge the obvious and don’t discuss the Broncos, but instead dive deep into the Rockies. Dick Monfort’s stab at social media with his #asktheowner Twitter shit-show is discussed in depth and Honeybear breaks down what the Rockies have done right, and wonders why Monfort didn’t discuss it. We talk a little Avs, the Olympics, the Holy #PartyDeck and a Shirley Temple/Melvins tribute kicks off the fourth. Then we talk the gay kid who will be playing some NFL football in a city near you. Then we quickly vent on the horrendous Broncos Super Bowl loss (which doesn’t even deserve the time) before some Juggalo poetry takes us out. Farewell to the Bunker, we will miss it. Long live the Bunker.
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