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Eric Goodman to Buffs4Life: "get a clue"

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When I got my Mile HIgh Sports Daily in my e-mail inbox this morning I was thrilled to read Eric Goodman's column titled "Buffs4Life needs to get a clue" because I knew sparks would be flying. There's nothing better than a little media infighting on a Wednesday morning.

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There is absolutely no question that three local sports radio talk show hosts, Joel Klatt, Charles Johnson and Alfred Williams, all former CU Buffs players, remain involved with the football program in Boulder. They are members of an organization called "Buffs4Life" which was formed by Jon Embree, the recently deposed head coach of the team.  The group was involved in the hiring of Embree and was disapproving of his removal. All three talk show hosts have been quite vocal in their opposition to the moves the school and its Athletic Director, Mike Bohn have made recently.

It's perfectly understandable. Their friend got the axe; they're sad for him and angry that he wasn't afforded what they would have considered a "fair shake".

As members of the media, however, Klatt, Johnson and Williams have demonstrated an improper level of bias in the minds of some people. Eric Goodman, a radio host and writer for Mile High Sports is one of those people.
His article for MHS Sports Daily, and for today expressed that feeling and "called out" the trio, encouraging them to "get a clue".

In Goodman's estimation, Buffs4Life has been entirely too intrusive where the CU coaching situation is concerned. Goodman refers to their "unrelenting agenda" in opposing Mike Bohn's decisions along the way: "Alfred Williams, Joel Klatt and Charles Johnson are some of the most recognizable Buffs in Colorado. And each of them left a lasting footprint on the historical success of the Colorado football program. Their passion is unwavering. But their agenda to get Mike Bohn fired has become toxic and embarrassing."

Goodman's criticism sparked immediate responses on Twitter:
BigAlRadio Holy Cow! Who is Eric Goodman?
@The_Rob_Wagner @BigAlRadio a guy from Mile High Sports Radio who tries to make a name for himself by going after the big boys of Denver Sports Talk.
@joelklatt For those wondering please read my tweet from Monday! #GoBuffs
 @joelklatt Here is a refresher "on vacation but wanted to welcome and congratulate Coach MacIntyre, get busy! #GoBuffs"

This is all very entertaining. For Alfred Williams to imply that he doesn't know who Eric Goodman is - well, that's comical. It demonstrates the very level of hubris that Goodman referred to in his column. Of the three Buffs4Life on the radio locally, "Big Al" is by far the most famous. He is the one with the Super Bowl rings, after all. He was a legendary Buff and a legendary Bronco. But he certainly knows who Eric Goodman is.

Goodman got their attention, that's for sure. Big Al's reaction is proof of that. For him to cast aspersions on Goodman and on Mile High Sports is his way of taking the easy way out. I will be interested to hear his radio show this afternoon to see if he addressed the column.

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