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JaVale McGee is the darling of Deadspin

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JaVale McGee is the Nugget’s most notable player, and that’s not good.

He’s the darling of Deadspin, a walking, talking, inhaler-puffing blooper reel and he’s all ours.
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Congratulations, Denver Nuggets fans. Your team is getting national attention for once. Unfortunately, it’s for the wrong reasons.

The National media hasn’t had much time for the Denver Nuggets since Carmelo Anthony left. Even while Anthony was here they did not garner a ton of attention. But, so long as JaVale McGee remains with the Blue and Yellow, they’re bound to get ink - or at least pixels - from major outlets like ESPN, Yahoo and Deadspin because JaVale is a total goofball. He’s not very little control over his long, silly body and he makes the dumbest mistakes of any NBA player bar none.  

He doesn’t get noticed via his smothering defense, his commanding dunks or his coast-to-coast plays. He does it by stumbling and bumbling. Even if you’re a fan of McGee’s you have to admit that he’s embarrassing. Nene took his place in Washington where he has hardly played at all due to injury, but it’s a safe bet that Wizards fans don’t miss McGee sporting their team’s jersey. While he was in DC, JaVale rarely appeared anywhere the media unless it was because he was being made fun of. That hasn’t changed. The only thing that has is that he’s wearing a Nuggets jersey now. If anything, his yellow shoes make him look even more ridiculous.

How does George Karl get himself into these situations? Karl doesn’t suffer knuckleheads lightly, yet the Nuggets seem to wind up with them. In JaVale’s case they found the biggest one of all.

Deadspin, the snarkiest of Sports Blogs (the site that inspired us to start this one), profiles JaVale regularly. He’s a favorite target of theirs. Deadspin has featured him at least three times in the past week, and recently held a JaVale McGee Photoshop contest that netted brilliant results.

Here are some recent Deadspin / JaVale headlines:

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JaVale McGee In 60 Seconds Goaltends, Misses A Dunk, Falls Down, And Has A Shot Blocked Into His Face


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