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Our week fourteen NFL picks VS the spread with guest picker @OpieGoneMad

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Our Annual NFL pickoff versus the spread is heating up, even though our pickers went ice cold in week 13. Five games separate first and fourth place as Colin, Reidy, Snyder and Scott plug away with victory on their minds.

Last week our pickers were decamated by our guest, @DSNAdam. Can this weeks guest picker @OpieGoneMad fare as well? We will see.

Our picks are, as they say on the internet, after the jump.

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Oakland VS Denver (-10)
The Broncos, winners of seven straight, are heavily favored on the road versus their division rivals in Oakland. They say that anything can happen when these two teams get together...does that include Thursday nights?
Colin's pick: Oakland +10
Reidy's pick: Denver -10
Snyder's pick: Denver -10
Scott's pick: Denver -10
Opie’s pick: Denver -10

Baltimore @ Washington (-2.5)
The Redskins are making their case for the playoffs, but they must hold off an AFC opponent who's already punched its ticket. It's RGIII's world and we're just living in it, but does Baltimore know that?
Colin's pick: Baltimore +2.5  
Reidy's pick: Washington -2.5
Snyder's pick: Washington -2.5
Scott's pick: Washington -2.5
Opie's pick: Baltimore +2.5  
 Kansas City @ Cleveland (-6.5)
The Chiefs found a little magic last week. Led by Brady Quinn, Kansas City topped Carolina to pick up their second win of the year. They travel to chilly Cleveland this week hoping not to get rocked by the streaky Browns.
Colin's pick: Cleveland -6.5
Reidy's pick: Cleveland -6.5
Snyder's pick: Cleveland -6.5
Scott's pick: Cleveland -6.5
Opie's pick: Cleveland -6.5
San Diego @ Pittsburgh (-6.5)
The Steelers get their quarterback this week. The Chargers haven't had one in years. San Diego heads North this week on their Norv Turner farewell tour.
Colin's pick: Pittsburgh -6.5
Reidy's pick: Pittsburgh -6.5
Snyder's pick: Pittsburgh -6.5
Scott's pick: Pittsburgh -6.5
Opie's pick:  Pittsburgh -6.5
Tennessee @ Indianapolis (-5.5)
The Titans have their ups and their downs, but mostly downs. The unpredictable team from Tennessee heads to the Midwest in week 14 to challenge the Colts who have risen from the ashes of a two-win season to take the AFC South by storm.
Colin's pick: Indianapolis -5.5
Reidy's pick: Indianapolis -5.5
Snyder's pick: Indianapolis -5.5
Scott's pick: Indianapolis -5.5
Opie's pick: Indianapolis -5.5
Jacksonville VS NY Jets (-2.5)
Tim Tebow probably won't see the field on his return trip to his homeland. Mark Sanchez has somehow been named the Jets starter once again. But he's probably not as bad as Blaine Gabbart, which is why Tebow may be the Jags QB next season. Meanwhile this game means nothing.
Colin's pick: Jacksonville +2.5
Reidy's pick: Jackoffsonville +2.5
Snyder's pick: Jacksonville +2.5
Scott's pick: NY Jets -2.5
Opie's pick: NY Jets -2.5
Minnesota VS Chicago (-3)
The Vikings placed their star WR, Percy Harvin on injured reserve today, so that place must be like a funeral home. The Vikings have no hope but the Bears do, and the have to make the playoffs to keep the wolves at the door. Oh, my. It's an NFC North CLASH!
Colin's pick: Chicago -3
Reidy's pick: Chicago -3
Snyder's pick: Minnesota +3
Scott's pick: Chicago -3
Opie's pick: Chicago -3

Carolina VS Atlanta (-3.5)
Cam Newton and his Panthers look to remove from their mouths the taste of barbeque, and a loss in Kansas City against the team that promises to take their division down. Will the Falcons feast on cooked cat?
Colin's pick: Atlanta -3.5
Reidy's pick: Atlanta -3.5
Snyder's pick: Carolina +3.5
Scott's pick: Atlanta -3.5
Opie's pick: Atlanta -3.5
Philadelphia @ Tampa Bay (-7.5)
The Buccaneers would like to return to their winning ways after a mile high loss last week. Lucky for them, they host a team that's lost eight in a row and is poised to lose its head coach and star QB, too. The Eagles are a mess, but can the cover seven and the hook?
Colin's pick: Tampa Bay -7.5
Reidy's pick: Tampa Bay -7.5
Snyder's pick: Tampa Bay -7.5
Scott's pick: Tampa Bay -7.5
Opie's pick: Philadelphia +7.5
St Louis @ Buffalo (-3)
Colin's pick: St Louis +3
Reidy's pick: St Louis +3
Snyder's pick: Buffalo -3
Scott's pick: St Louis +3
Opie's pick: Buffalo -3  
 Dallas @ Cincinnati (-3)
This interesting NFC @ AFC match up features two teams on the outside edges of the playoff chase. Tony Romo and the Cowboys have an outside shot, but a loss to the Bengals won't help. The Bengals need to keep pace with the Steelers in their own division.
Colin's pick: Cincinnati -3
Reidy's pick: Cincinnati -3
Snyder's pick: Dallas +3
Scott's pick: Dallas +3
Opie's pick: Cincinnati -3
 Miami @ San Francisco (-10)
Two rookie QBs will face off in this one, which is always fun. The match-up between defenses is interesting, too. This game means more to the Niners, but can they cover the ten?
Colin's pick: Miami +10
Reidy's pick: San Francisco -10
Snyder's pick: San Francisco -10
Scott's pick: Miami +10
Opie's pick: San Francisco -10
New Orleans @ NY Giants (-5)
The Saints seemed to have their mojo back, but it fell apart last week. Drew Brees was horrendous. He will need to play far better in New York if he wants to see the playoffs. The Giants are the Giants.
Colin's pick: NY Giants -5
Reidy's pick: NY Giants -5
Snyder's pick: NY Giants -5
Scott's pick: New Orleans +5
Opie's pick: NY Giants -5
Arizona @ Seattle (-10)
The Cardinals have made an argument that they're the worst team in the NFL. Unfortunately they waited until after they ripped off four straight to start the season. Looks like Matt Barkley won't get to follow in Matt Leinart's footsteps.
Seattle just wins at home. Look it up.
Colin's pick: Seattle -10
Reidy's pick: Seattle -10
Snyder's pick: Arizona +10
Scott's pick: Arizona +10
Opie's pick: Seattle -10
Detroit @ Green Bay (-7)
The dirty, dirty cheating punk Lions face the Packers on their home turf this week in a game both division foes need to have. Last time they played it was a close one, but Vegas gives the Pack 7 here.
Colin's pick: Green Bay -7
Reidy's pick: Detroit +7
Snyder's pick: Green Bay -7
Scott's pick: Green Bay -7
Opie's pick: Detroit +7
Houston @ New England (-3.5)
Who's the big bad wolf in the AFC? We will know by late Monday night. The game of the week features the shifty Pats versus the hard-nosed Texans. Both will make the playoffs, but will both get the bye? Broncos fans need to cheer hard for Kubiac and his squad.
Colin's pick: New England -3.5
Reidy's pick: New England -3.5
Snyder's pick: Houston +3.5
Scott's pick: New England -3.5
Opie's pick: Houston +3.5 

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