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CU's big win eclipsed by Butch's Bohning

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It seems as if the University of Colorado can't win. But it did ... just last night.

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It's a crying shame.

The biggest game between the University of Colorado basketball squad and their cross-state rivals from Fort Collins unfolded just last night and nobody's talking about it. It was a magic moment for Collegiate Sports in Colorado, but it's forgotten because some football coach decided not to accept the CU job.

Butch Jones really "Bohned" Colorado.

It's obvious now that the University of Cincinnati head coach was using the Buffaloes for leverage. Now the football program looks directionless and Mike Bohn has egg all over his face. This despite the fact that his basketball program, which is likely to be ranked again amongst the top 25 in the Nation, attracted over 10,000 fans and defeated the Rams at Coors Events Center last night.

Had Bohn accepted the job yesterday, as the Denver Post reported, it would have been a magical day all around for the school. Instead it's as though that victory never took place, that all those screaming fans were silent. Rather than basking in the afterglow of a great night, Mike Bohn is once again confronting anger from boosters and alumnus, some of whom are certainly calling for his head.

Butch Jones is nobody. Who died and gave him the power to leave CU reeling? It is embrassing at best that he was put in a position to do this to a proud University. The media will scramble over the coming days to document the dissaray surrounding CU football. They should be highlighting the basketball program.

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