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Who the hell cares if the Raiders suck?

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Certain media types continue trying to drive home the point that the rivalry between the Broncos are Raiders isn't what is used to be just becuase Oakland has been terrible. Anybody who says a thing like that has clearly lost touch with the fans.

Rant coming.

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"You don't hate the Raiders. You can't even name half of them" - Joel Klatt

The above quotation, spoken by 104.3 the Fan morning host Joel Klatt had me pounding my steering wheel as I drove my kids to school today. I thought, "really, Klatt? Are you so detached from real Broncos fans, living in such a media bubble that you actually believe that horse shit?"

Throw out the records. We don't give two craps whether the Raiders have a good team or if they are terrible. The logo on the side of their helmets is all it takes. We hate the Raiders now, we hated them then, and we will hate them forever. They are the Broncos' nemesis and their fans are ours. We hate each and every one of them. We hate their kids, we hate their grandmothers.

Raiders fans are the guy in front of us in line at the convenience store eying every lottery ticket. They are our neighbor who called parking enforcement because we blocked the alley. They're the too slow barista, the rude TSA inspector. They think they're gangsters and villains. Really, Raiders fans are nothing more than punks. They suck and we want them all to die in a fire.

There's nothing not to despise about anybody who dons the Silver and Blech.

Al Davis is finally dead, but his sneering, cackling ghost will never leave. To Broncos fans, John Madden still stalks the Raiders sideline, scratching his fat belly and shouting commands at the likes of Jack Tatum and Art Shell. We don't see Jamarcus Russell or Carson Palmer out there, we see Kenny Stabler.

We remember. And if our kids are too young, we tell them. They're raised with the same venom for the Raiders that we were. So what if the Broncos are huge favorites in Oakland tonight? That's great. Real Broncos fans will enjoy the last point they put on those sleazebags as much as they will the first. The more the better. Knife the bastards in the throat, piss on them and leave them for dead because the next thing you know the tables will be turned again.

Let us enjoy our dominance, media jerkoffs. Don't poo poo it by suggesting that the rivalry isn't what it once was. It's everything it ever was and ever will be. We hate the Raiders. And if you are too stupid to realize that maybe you should hop the next plane out of here.

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