Monday, 03 December 2012 11:18

Your Broncos / Bucs Monday Tweet-cap

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I was shooting the breeze with Mile High Sports' Peter Burns a couple of weeks ago when he suggested that, since I don't do Broncos game recaps for the site (there are too many smart people already doing them) that I should construct a game summary made completely of people's Tweets.

It was an inspired idea - and it's one that I have been working on. I have experimented with various way of trying to make it work.

What I ended up doing this week was favoriting hundreds of Tweets throughout the game, culling through them, choosing the best 20% or so of those and contstructing a blow-by-blow in the form of a timeline. I took screen caps, cropped them and assembled them here for you all to enjoy. Are your Tweets in there? Click on and see...

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