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Our week thirteen NFL picks VS the spread with guest picker @DSNAdam

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It's week 13 already! Can you believe it? How time flies. For many of you, this will be your final week of fantasy football! The fantasy playoffs begin in most leagues next week. Wow. So...if you're on the bubble we wish you the best. Meanwhile, it's time for our week 13 picks in the annual South Stands NFL pickoff VS the spread.

The contest has certainly gotten more interesting. Week 12 saw our buddy, Snyder come back to earth a little bit. Now all our pickers, Colin, Reidy, Snyder and Producer Scott Stafford are within 5 games of each other. The pressure is on, you guys.

Adam Kinney of Mile High Sports / Denver Sports Nation Radio joins us for the second time this season as guest picker. He hopes to cool the burn he experienced last time.

Our picks for week 13 are, as they say on the web, after the jump.

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New Orleans @ Atlanta (-3.5)
Last time these two NFC South contenders got together, offensive sparks were flying. The Saints emerged a winner at their place - which helped get them pointed back in the right direction. This time they visit Atlanta on Thursday Night. The Falcons look to prove that they are still a force to be reckoned with in the NFC playoff hunt.
Colin's pick: New Orleans +3.5
Reidy's pick: New Orleans +3.5
Snyder's pick: Atlanta -3.5
Scott's pick: New Orleans +3.5
Adam's pick: New Orleans +3.5

Seattle @ Chicago (-3.5)
The Bears are back now that Jay Cutler's noggin is healthy again, and they're out to prove that they should be mentioned amongst the top candidates to represent their conference in the Super Bowl. This week they face the tenacious Seahawks who have typically been far better at home than on the road.
Colin's pick: Chicago -3.5
Reidy's pick: Chicago -3.5
Snyder's pick: Chicago -3.5
Scott's pick: Chicago -3.5
Adam's pick: Chicago -3.5

Minnesota @ Green Bay (-8)
The Vikings started the season off looking pretty swell, but they've fallen off. Meanwhile, the Packers looked pretty darn beatable last week against Chicago. It's an NFC North division clash in Lambeau!
Colin's pick: Green Bay -8
Reidy's pick: Green Bay -8
Snyder's pick: Green Bay -8
Scott's pick: Minnesota +8
Adam's pick: Minnesota +8

St Louis VS San Francisco (-7)
Who could forget the last time these two teams met? It seems like that game just ended. They tied, of course. This time the 'Niners are powered by rookie QB Colin Kaepernick and instead of taking place in the City by the Bay, this one's in St Louis.
Colin's pick: St Louis +7
Reidy's pick: San Francisco -7
Snyder's pick: San Francisco -7
Scott's pick: San Francisco -7
Adam's pick: St Louis +7

Arizona @ NY Jets (-4.5)
It's tough to imagine that the same Jets we saw stumbling their way through against the Patriots on Thanksgiving are a favorite this week. They're facing Arizona, though, who opened the season with four straight wins and haven't chalked one up since. Not the most intriguing match-up of the week.
Colin's pick: NY Jets -4.5
Reidy's pick: NY Jets -4.5
Snyder's pick: Jets -4.5
Scott's pick: Arizona +4.5
Adam's pick: Arizona +4.5

Kansas City VS Carolina (-3)
The Chiefs showed that they still have at least a tiny little bit of pride in week 12. They still lost, though. Carolina, on the other hand, won pretty easily in Philly. Can they keep this hot streak going on the road? Cam they?
Colin's pick: Carolina -3
Reidy's pick: Carolina -3
Snyder's pick: Carolina -3
Scott's pick: Carolina -3
Adam's pick: Carolina -3

Indianapolis @ Detroit (-4.5)
The Lions found all kinds of new ways to lose on Turkey Day. Now they look to get back on track versus the Colts who, if the season ended today, would make the playoffs. It's a must-win for both teams, really.
Colin's pick: Indianapolis +4.5
Reidy's pick: Detroit -4.5
Snyder's pick: Detroit -4.5
Scott's pick: Detroit -4.5
Adam's pick: Indianapolis +4.5

Jacksonville @ Buffalo (-6.5)
This game must be played, and apparently somebody is supposed to win.
Colin's pick: Jacksonville +6.5
Reidy's pick: Jacksonville +6.5
Snyder's pick: Buffalo -6.5
Scott's pick: Jacksonville +6.5
Adam's pick: Jacksonville +6.5

Miami VS New England (-7.5)
The Dolphins are one of the toughest teams in the NFL to figure out. One week they look like they can beat anybody, the nest week it looks like anybody can beat them. It's truly "any given Sunday" where the 'Phins are concerned. We know what to expect from the Patriots, though. An ass whoopin'.
Colin's pick: New England -7.5
Reidy's pick: New England -7.5
Snyder's pick: New England -7.5
Scott's pick: Miami +7.5
Adam's pick: Miami +7.5

Tennessee VS Houston (-6)
The Texans are human, but are they human enough to drop a game to the Titans? Probably not? Nut this one is in Nashville, so you just never know. Music City Miracle, anyone?
Colin's pick: Houston -6
Reidy's pick: Houston -6
Snyder's pick: Houston -6
Scott's pick: Tennessee +6
Adam's pick: Tennessee +6

Tampa Bay @ Denver (-7)
Denver fans are nervous about this one, and for good reason. These are not your fathers Bucs. Josh Freeman has new life and his rookie sidekick, Doug Martin is setting the NFL on its ear. The Broncos lock up the AFC with a win here.
Colin's pick: Denver -7
Reidy's pick: Tampa +7 (Broncos win)
Snyder's pick: Denver -7
Scott's pick: Tampa +7
Adam's pick: Tampa +7

Pittsburgh @ Baltimore (-7.5)
Still no word as to whether or not Big Ben will be back for the Steelers. They're a different team without him, so they're surely praying he will suit of for this critical division game. Regardless of who's under center, you know the hitting will be hard.
Colin's pick: Pittsburgh +7.5
Reidy's pick: Baltimore -7.5
Snyder's pick: Baltimore -7.5
Scott's pick: Baltimore -7.5
Adam's pick: Pittsburgh +7.5

Cleveland @ Oakland (PICK)
Vegas isn't sure what to make of this one. The Raiders have looked positively horrible lately, but they host the Browns who are, famously, the Browns.
Colin's pick: Cleveland
Reidy's pick: Cleveland
Snyder's pick: Oakland
Scott's pick: Cleveland
Adam's pick: Cleveland

San Diego VS Cincinnati (-2)
Ouch. The Chargers are home dogs to the Bengals. That's got to hurt. Neither of these two clubs has been completely eliminated from playoff contention just yet, so this game is only almost meaningless.
Colin's pick: San Diego +2
Reidy's pick: Cincinnati -2
Snyder's pick: Cincinnati -2
Scott's pick: San Diego +2
Adam's pick: Cincinnati -2

Philadelphia @ Dallas (-10)
The Eagles are done. Stick a fork in them. The Cowboys probably are, too, for that matter. So this NFL East battle is for pride - and maybe for a couple of coaches to try and keep their jobs. It happens at the house that Jerry built - and has a tendency to get beaten in.
Colin's pick: Philadelphia +10
Reidy's pick: Dallas -10
Snyder's pick: Dallas -10
Scott's pick: Philadelphia +10
Adam's pick: Philadelphia +10

Washington VS NY Giants (-2.5)
Whoa boy, did the Giants ever look like World beaters on Monday night. They killed the Packers. The Redskins are a tad streaky, lead by the likely rookie of the year, RGIII. But they can pack a punch. Washington's a home dog for this one, whish they probably do not appreciate.
Colin's pick: NY Giants -2.5
Reidy's pick: NY Giants -2.5
Snyder's pick: NY Giants -2.5
Scott's pick: Washington +2.5
Adam's pick: NY Giants -2.5

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