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What on Earth have we done to poor Nene?

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Nene Hilario, or "Nene" as we came to know him, was a polarizing but beloved member of the Denver Nuggets. The Brazilian born big man was every bit as much a fan favorite as he was a fall guy for the Blue and Yellow for nearly a decade. Coach George Karl raised him from just a pup but the Nuggets were finally forced to trade him after the 2011 season when it had finally become clear that he was not going to realize his promise in Karl's system.

Stil ... did we have to send to poor guy to the Wizards?

The Washington Wizards, who once had a way cooler name (the Bullets) are easily the NBA's shittiest team. The are positively dreadful. In fact, they won their first game of the year last night. The woeful Wiz are a miserable 1-12 on the season, in part because Nene, who had struggled with injuries throughout his time in Denver, has played only three games for them this year.

Even with Nene on the floor, however, the Wizards are awful - and will be for the foreseeable future. Washington is NBA Siberia, just like Denver was when Nene first came here.

Poor guy.

What has he ever done to deserve this? Nene has already been through so much. He had one of his testicles cut off, for heaven's sakes. WHAT ON EARTH HAVE WE DONE!? Nene turned out to be a rather pedestrian center for the Nuggets, but it's not like he was a jerk like Carmelo. It's simply unfair for him to have to suffer through seasons as a Wizard.

We should be ashamed of ourselves. In fact we should feel pangs of guilt every time JaVale McGee, who we acquired in the trade that nixed Nene, throws downa thunderous dunk or makes a stunning play on defense. Sure, McGee appears to be a much better player than Nene was, but look at the evil we had to do to get him. 




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