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Tuesday, 27 November 2012 23:23

South Stand Denver Fancast, Show 127

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A groovy new show with the incomparable Woody Roseland (@WoodyRoseland). He may have been born in the 90's but he’s kicking cancer's ass and talking Broncos, Rockies and Von Miller with us.

We talk CU and not about what a mess it is but the media reaction and the strange lack of objectivity displayed. Followed by "Just what is Colin Kaepernick?"

We get deep into the Broncos/Chiefs game and how Colin, Scott and last week's guest Ian Henson were just flat out wrong. John was right.

Woody tells the famous story about how he played catch with Jeremy Guthrie, teaching Von Miller a sack dance and his fake Australian accent he used while doing a CNN interview. "Oy checked ma Twittah"

What would a 70 year old Jimi Hendrix look like? Not good. We try to sell Woody on teaching Von Miller the "beat off in the QB's face” dance. He doesn't think it’s a good idea. Tweep of the Week. Raider or Juggalo and Woody kicks off a quick version of "There I said it." We address controversies that don't involve us.

Woody has been through a lot but he's got a great attitude and is a pretty inspirational dude so check him out on Twitter and his website at

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  • Download Now!
    A "solo" show where John Skypes Colin in from Salt River Fields and Mile High Sports Ryan Boulding Skypes in about the Avs. There's some music, some mirth and overall good vibes probably because we avoid talking about the Broncos and Nuggets. ENJOY.
    Created on 2014-03-27 05:09:19
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    A new nomadic show from Boone’s Tavern with Jennifer Eakins (@theMondayMommy) and we cover it all. Broncos free agency, testicles dropping as a sign of Spring and “kind” beer vendors at Pepsi Center. We cover the Mile High Sports debacle and the shift in morning show programming. The Kreckman/Clough monster-super host is discussed and then Colin’s horrible fantasy hockey team is diagnosed. John talks about his deep shame regarding the Broncos. A real bad Tweep of the week. There’s a few bumps in the road including a trivia guy talking the whole time we were recording but a nice return to the post-bunker world of the South Stands Denver Fancast.
    Created on 2014-03-12 05:02:16
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    The last show in the Concrete Bunker and we take it out in style with Zach “The Honeybear” Fogg (@zachfoggsports) and we dodge the obvious and don’t discuss the Broncos, but instead dive deep into the Rockies. Dick Monfort’s stab at social media with his #asktheowner Twitter shit-show is discussed in depth and Honeybear breaks down what the Rockies have done right, and wonders why Monfort didn’t discuss it. We talk a little Avs, the Olympics, the Holy #PartyDeck and a Shirley Temple/Melvins tribute kicks off the fourth. Then we talk the gay kid who will be playing some NFL football in a city near you. Then we quickly vent on the horrendous Broncos Super Bowl loss (which doesn’t even deserve the time) before some Juggalo poetry takes us out. Farewell to the Bunker, we will miss it. Long live the Bunker.
    Created on 2014-02-12 06:27:38
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    Well gang we did it. We hooked up Skype and had two of our faves @yeswhatisaygoes and @captainbronco join us for a Super Bowl preview show. We first talk all kinds of Broncos, our impressions of what we think will happen on Sunday and then we bring the onslaught of some of the best guest we've ever had through the magic of the INTRANET. Christina talks about how she became a Broncos fans and Captain Bronco drinks beer the whole time he's on. Truly epic. Enjoy this show as the Broncos prepare for one final ride of the season in Super Bowl XLVIII.
    Created on 2014-02-01 07:48:54
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    It's the moment we've all been working so hard for, a South Stands Denver Fancast heralding the Broncos return to the SUPER BOWL. Our good buddy Renaud Notaro (@RenKnowItAll) from Mile High Sports joins us and he breaks down why he thinks the Broncos will win....and then things go off the rails. We do a full segment on bath houses and Mon Chalet, Aurora's premiere swinger hotel. Bed bugs are extra. We talk a little Rockies believe it or not and then back into the Broncos. We generally bask in the glow of the wonderful Broncos and it's pretty damn funny along the way.
    Created on 2014-01-22 06:50:20
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    South Stands Denver contributor Jennifer Eakins (@theMondayMommy) joins us and we barely bask in the glory of the Broncos win over the Chargers before we plunge, headlong, into the upcoming clash with the Patriots. Then we spin off onto important topics like Peyton's odd Bud Light endorsement and whether athletes are allowed to do beer commercials while playing. Then we ask the all important question whether Manning has ever butt chugged a beer and we discuss his personality and whether he's like Ben Affleck's character from Dazed and Confused. Is Peyton a tight ass? Do his SNL appearances disprove this or did he study the game film of Belushi, Akroyd, Meyers and Farley to convince us otherwise? We talk a little Javale and a lot of Dennis Rodman.We then get to our predictions for this glorious AFC Championship game we're hosting in our humble city this Sunday. We wrap it up with a little weed talk.
    Created on 2014-01-15 06:18:10
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    A triumphant return to the bunker with @krissibex and our buddy Snyder (@madgamecc69) and we let it all hang out talking about YOUR Denver Broncos and what happens this weekend. This is a very funny show and we get back in the groove quickly. Enjoy. And if the Broncos lose, we’re done forever. Maybe.
    Created on 2014-01-08 06:41:01
  • Download Now!
    Man what a shit show. The game and the podcast. If you want to relive the glory that was the Broncos 27-20 loss then this is the podcast for you. At some point we talk about Nancy Reagan felching pot smoke out of Ronnie's ass. That's how bad it got. Still, a lively show from Boone's Tavern with @renknowitall. #blessed
    Created on 2013-12-13 06:51:31
  • Download Now!
    It's the annual SUPERPOD starring the Colorado Sports Guys and the South Stands Denver Fancast! We infiltrate every orifice of the Denver Sports scene with our pals from that "other" Denver Sports Podcast in a delightful show that we hope will set the tone for the coming week and on through the Holiday Season. Huge thanks to everyone involved. This was a rockin' show.
    Created on 2013-11-27 05:56:27
  • Download Now!
    THIS SHOW FEATURES AN OUTSTANDING GIVEAWAY THAT YOU HAVE TO LISTEN FOR! AUTOGRAPHED JULIUS THOMAS ITEM UP FOR GRABS! We are joined by up and coming sports media mogul Mario Vetanze from the Sports Pyramid (@sports_pyramid) and we talk all kinds of Broncos but first John does 10 minutes on how the TUACA CHILL ZONE is being phased out. Then we get into that good Broncos talk and how glorious it was to shut the Chiefs fans up. The Monforts and the #PoopDeck are discussed. We hop into some Avs talk and why the Avs hot start is not a fraud like the Chiefs. Maxime Talbot is discussed and then Colin talks immigration patterns with with his liquor stores. We talk Mario’s new show coming to Mile High Sports in January. We created a new weed-centric logo for the Nuggets. We smash down the paywall and hatch a plan for “bloggers” to reap the benefits. We get back to the Broncos and give a preview of next weeks Pats game and a truly awful Tweep of the Week.
    Created on 2013-11-20 05:44:31
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