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South Stand Denver Fancast, Show 127

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A groovy new show with the incomparable Woody Roseland (@WoodyRoseland). He may have been born in the 90's but he’s kicking cancer's ass and talking Broncos, Rockies and Von Miller with us.

We talk CU and not about what a mess it is but the media reaction and the strange lack of objectivity displayed. Followed by "Just what is Colin Kaepernick?"

We get deep into the Broncos/Chiefs game and how Colin, Scott and last week's guest Ian Henson were just flat out wrong. John was right.

Woody tells the famous story about how he played catch with Jeremy Guthrie, teaching Von Miller a sack dance and his fake Australian accent he used while doing a CNN interview. "Oy checked ma Twittah"

What would a 70 year old Jimi Hendrix look like? Not good. We try to sell Woody on teaching Von Miller the "beat off in the QB's face” dance. He doesn't think it’s a good idea. Tweep of the Week. Raider or Juggalo and Woody kicks off a quick version of "There I said it." We address controversies that don't involve us.

Woody has been through a lot but he's got a great attitude and is a pretty inspirational dude so check him out on Twitter and his website at http://woodyroseland.com/

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