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Today in Twitter beefs: Gary Miller and Adrian Dater may not be kidding around

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Over the past several weeks the Denver Post's Adrian Dater and Channel 4 anchor Gary Miller have slung what seem to have been some good natured insults at one another over Twitter. As their "beef" progresses it's tough not to wonder if there's some legitimate bad blood between them.

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I have no idea whether or not Channel 4's Gary Miller and Denver Post scribe Adrian Dater are rivals in real life, or if they just don't really dig one another, but their back-and-forths on Twitter recently certainly have been popcorn worthy. Here are a few of their most recent exchanges:

- Mercedes sponsors your fan poll? Who sponsors your postgame show, Beluga Caviar?

thank you for that cogent observation of college sports being a big business. They must pay you a lot

much, much more than you my friend.

why don't you get back to your true calling profiling another competitive eater. Did they really pay you for that?

can't wait for the Huddle tonight and...oh that's right you guys got outbid to be the Broncos station

seriously, you can do better than that. If you can't think of something, don't be embarrassed to simply be silent.

These are only the most recent, not the first snipes I have seen back and forth between these two media members, who I have to assume encounter each other on a regular basis at various events and press conferences. Both fellows are perceived as having the capability of being a little prickly, although I have spoken with people who know both of them, and I know that they are both considered to be nice guys.

Until today I had assumed that these exchanges were good-natured. Now I am beginning to have my doubts. I live for this stuff, so I hope it continues. Although, this Twitter beef has nothing on this one:


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