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Dark times as Toyota Talk makes Nuggets fans look stupid

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"And what was once seen as a very smart group of basketball minded people, Nuggets fans will now join the ranks of Rockies fans represented on a quarter inch scroll of idiocy."

During Colorado Rockies games it’s mocked and crucified on social media like the joke it is. And no, it’s not the four man rotation.

It’s Toyota Talk, the interactive bane of every Rockies fan’s existence. Anyone with half a brain who sits through a Rockies broadcast, cringes at his or her fellow fans as soon as the scrolling feed flares up like a poorly timed cold sore. Toyota Talk, for the happily unaware, is broadcasted text messages sent in from what seems like mentally challenged fans, who couldn’t seem to find anything wrong with a team that nearly cracked 100 losses this past season. It is nothing short of an embarrassment but is further evidence that your father’s way of viewing a baseball game is a thing of the past. Along with your claim to being a credible fan.

Toyota Talk is an unfortunate indictment of Rockies fans as a clueless lot of brain washed ticket buyers who reinforce the notion that the Monforts could tape gloves on to some monkeys and the dullards who text Toyota Talk will still find something good to say about it:

“Chim Chim sure knows how to fling his poo! Go ROCKIES” – Shelly in Arvada.

These knuckleheads saw nothing but positives in last season’s dumpster fire and while I’m sure the comments were triple filtered, what made it through showcased exactly what is wrong with management and a seemingly large segment of the fan base.

And now your Denver Nuggets have decided to adopt the scourge of the fans as the team debuted its own Toyota Talk this season on the Altitude Nuggets post game show. With the Rockies, you were either embarrassed by Toyota Talk and its empty positive platitudes or you were part of the problem: submitting asinine comments from Greeley, Westminster and parts in between. But the Nuggets have been around a long time and have a fan base that’s both savvy and battle worn. Nuggets fans are quick to criticize when the team is playing poorly and ready to heap praise when they get on a roll. But with Toyota Talk for the Nuggets, we will only see positives – drooling, moronic positives- which will shine a light on every fan base’s dark little secret: stupid ass fans. And what was once seen as a very smart group of basketball minded people, Nuggets fans will now join the ranks of Rockies fans represented on a quarter inch scroll of idiocy.

After I saw things like “Javale’s shoes are SICK!” sitting through a few minutes of post game the other night, I asked the question: after the negative reaction to the Rockies Toyota Talk, why would the Nuggets want any part of it? I was quickly reminded that Toyota will pay a lot of money to have their logo fixed to your TV screen even as the most inane comments roll by. Altitude cashed that check and probably hasn’t thought twice about it. Because after all, you’re either complaining about Toyota Talk or you’re contributing to it. All the while, Toyota gets mentioned again and again.

Just like real Rockies fans, true Nuggets fans know their allegiance to the team can’t be boiled down to comments about players shoes. But the continued presence of Toyota Talk pushes the boundary of what real fans can stomach while watching a broadcast while making us all look like clueless mouth breathers in the process. Toyota Talk is however, the wave of the future. We will see more and more interactive fan stunts like these and if you’ve ever been on the internet before, you’ll know that the dimmest of our society’s bulbs like to make their presence known by way of these kinds of social media. Welcome to the club Nuggets fans. 

John Reidy

I never really liked sports until I had a religious conversion when the Broncos lost to the 49ers in that one Super Bowl. Now I'm obsessed with all aspects of the Denver pro sports world. Oh yeah, hate college football. And I used to write a column for AV Club Denver but now am a full time contributor to this here site.

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