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Our week twelve NFL picks VS the spread

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Our annual NFL pickoff VS the spread is a tight race, although our Buddy, Snyder seems to have a pretty solid lead. We'll see if Producer Scott Stafford, John Reidy and Colin Daniels can get that bastard back on the ropes before he starts getting a big(ger) head.

No guest picker this week. We had to get this crap in turned in early 'cause blogger buy is driving to Nebraska on Wednesday morning. Ah, the Good Life.

Our week 12 picks are, as they say on the internet, "after the jump"

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Thanksgiving games

Detroit VS Houston (-3)
Will the Lions look like turkeys and get gobbled up by the Texans in front of their home fans on Thanksgiving ... or will they be doing the stuffing?
Colin's pick: Detroit +3
Reidy's pick: Houston -3
Snyder's pick: Detroit +3
Scott's pick: Houston -3

Washington @ Dallas (-3.5)
Is it me or does Dallas always play at home? Somehow, despite almost losing to Cleveland in the Jerrydome, the Cowboys are favored by 4 over Washington and RGIII, who had 4 TD passes in week 11. The Redskins are probably not going to make the playoffs, but you can bet they'll be motivated to keep the Cowboys out, too.
Colin's pick: Washington +3.5
Reidy's pick: Washington +3.5
Snyder's pick: Washington +3.5
Scott's pick: Washington +3.5

NY Jets VS New England (-6)
The now Gronk-less Patriots visit the Big Apple on Thursday to clash with the Jets, who got themselves a nice little win over the Rams week 11. It's an AFC Eastern division thriller! ... or not.
Colin's pick: New England -6
Reidy's pick: New England -6
Snyder's pick: New England -6
Scott's pick: New England -6

Sunday games

Oakland @ Cincinnati (-8)
The Bengals have a nice opportunity to wiggle their way onto a Wild Card with Big Ben watching from the sidelines for the Steelers. They have to continue taking care of business against the Raiders, who let the Saints do whatever they wanted to do last Sunday. Has Oakland packed it in - or will they commit to excellence?.
Colin's pick: Oakland +8
Reidy's pick: Oakland +8
Snyder's pick: Cincinnati -8
Scott's pick: Cincinnati -8

Pittsburgh @ Cleveland (NO LINE)
Big Ben won't be back for awhile. And now Byron Leftwich is hurt, too. Charlie Batch will likely start this game, but that's not set in stone yet. There's no line on this game as of this writing, so we will pick a winner only.
Colin's pick: Cleveland
Reidy's pick: Cleveland
Snyder's pick: Pittsburgh
Scott's pick: Cleveland

Buffalo VS Indianapolis (-3)
The Colts got thumped by the Pats last week, so they'll be out for some revenge against the Bills. Andrew Luck and Co can't afford another loss if they wish to stay in the conversation for a playoff berth. Buffalo's not a likely candidate to be vying for the post-season, but they did embarrass the Dolphins last week, so who knows?
Colin's pick: Indianapolis -3
Reidy's pick: Indianapolis -3
Snyder's pick: Buffalo +3
Scott's pick: Indianapolis -3

Kansas City VS Denver (-10)
The Broncos, fresh off five straight wins, head to Arrowhead to face the Chiefs for the first time in 2012. KC is 1-9 coming into this game, and the whole organization is about to get blown up. A win against Denver in front of their home town fans would be great, but it doesn't look real likely. But, with the blackout issue there, it's not like KC fans would have gotten to see it on TV, anyway.
Colin's pick: Kansas City +10
Reidy's pick: Kansas City +10
Snyder's pick: Denver -10
Scott's pick: Denver -10

Jacksonville VS Tennessee (-3)
The Titans come off their bye and travel to Florida to clash with their division rivals in Jacksonville. The Jaguars spent week eleven giving the Houston Texans all they could take. Backup QB Chad Henne looked far better than Gabbart in the effort. No word yet as to whether the Jags will make the switch again.
Colin's pick: Jacksonville +3
Reidy's pick: Tennessee -3
Snyder's pick: Jacksonville +3
Scott's pick: Tennessee -3

Minnesota @ Chicago (NO LINE)
Since nobody knows whether or not jay Cutler will play...or how bad the Bears will be without him...Vegas hasn't set a line on this game yet. So, since we are submitting our picks early this week, we will all just pick a winner .
Colin's pick: Chicago
Reidy's pick: Minnesota
Snyder's pick: Minnesota
Scott's pick: Chicago

Atlanta @ Tampa Bay (Pick Em)
The Buccaneers are the most improved team in the NFC, as indicated by the fact that Atlanta isn't favored in this one. It's an NFC South division clash between two teams that are right in the thick of the playoff chase right now. The game of the week.
Colin's pick: Atlanta
Reidy's pick: Atlanta
Snyder's pick: Tampa Bay
Scott's pick: Tampa Bay

Miami VS Seattle (-3)
The Seahawks rested last week. This week they head onto Miami to face the enigmatic Dolphins, a team nobody seems to have a bead on. Seattle, unstoppable at home, is a different team on the road. It's a battle of rookie QBs.
Colin's pick: Seattle -3
Reidy's pick: Seattle -3
Snyder's pick: Seattle -3
Scott's pick: Miami +3

San Diego VS Baltimore (-1.5)
The Chargers are home underdogs this week as the fearsome Ravens come to sunny San Diego fresh off a win over the Big Ben-less Steelers. Ironically, that win, along with a handful of other outcomes across the AFC, kept the door open for San Diego just ever so slightly. If the Chargers can beat the Ravens there will still be a chance that they can be a Wild Card.
Colin's pick: San Diego +1.5
Reidy's pick: Baltimore -1.5
Snyder's pick: Baltimore -1.5
Scott's pick: Baltimore -1.5

New Orleans VS San Francisco (-2)
The Saints have been on a hot streak, and seem to have turned their season around. But they tackle the mighty NIners, who managed to smoke the Bears even with their backup QB under center. Will it be Smith or Kaepernick? Will it matter?
Colin's pick: New Orleans +2
Reidy's pick: San Francisco -2
Snyder's pick: New Orleans +2
Scott's pick: New Orleans +2

St. Louis @ Arizona (-2.5)
The Cardinals have shown that they can play with anybody. The Rams have not. Still, St Louis is only a slight underdog at the Cards place, probably because Arizona has no idea who will be playing quarterback for them. '
Colin's pick: Arizona -2.5
Reidy's pick: Arizona -2.5
Snyder's pick: Arizona -2.5
Scott's pick: St Louis + 2.5

Green Bay @ NY Giants (-2.5)
The Giants return from their bye to a fine how-do-you-do. They face the Packers at home. This game has crazy playoff implications and is almost as interesting a match up as Atlanta / Tampa.
Colin's pick: Green Bay -2.5
Reidy's pick: NY Giants -2.5
Snyder's pick: Green Bay -2.5
Scott's pick: Green Bay -2.5

Carolina @ Philadelphia (-2.5)
Congrats, ESPN. You got Cam Newton VS Vick or Foles. Awesome.
Colin's pick: Philadelphia -2.5
Reidy's pick: Carolina +2.5
Snyder's pick: Carolina +2.5
Scott's pick: Carolina +2.5

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