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Here's your stupid Broncos / Chargers prediction

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One of two things will happen today at Mile High. Either the Chargers will kiss their season goodnight or they will ressurect it. Which of these potential outcomes is this sports blogger expecting?

The answer is, as they say, "after the jump".

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Philip Rivers and the Chargers will come into Mile HIgh today knowing that it's now or never for them. Lose this one and it's curtains. The Broncos will advance to 7-3 and the division will be all but claimed. If they can somehow topple the AFC's hottest team, however, the entire scene changes for San Diego. They can look down the rest of their schedule knowing that every game will matter. An AFC West title will remain a possibility and a Wild Card berth will not be outside of their grasp.

They'll start out hot in this one.

I believe the Chargers are going to come out firing as though they have nothing to lose. Look for Antonio Gates to be the key in their passing game early as it will take Denver's linebackers some time to corral him. He will have a first quarter TD as the Chargers open up an early 14-0 lead on a flat-footed Broncos team. San Diego's receiving RB, Ronnie Brown will also light up the Broncos in the early part of the game, ripping off 80 yards of total offense in the opening period.

Once the Broncos realize that they are getting smoked in the first half by San Diego yet again they will pull things together again on defense, force a turnover, and get the Broncos offense in position to start catching up.

The half time score will be San Diego 14, Denver 10.

The Broncos will take the opening kick in the second half and march right down the field to take the lead 17-14. They will never trail again in the game. Peyton Manning will catch fire in the second half and rack up numbers like he has been lately. The Chargers will have one TD left in them, a long pass and catch between Rivers and Malcom Floyd, who spells his own name incorrectly.

Demaryius and Decker, salt and pepper, will each have second half touchdowns worth telling their kids about someday. Mike McCoy will say "screw it" and just let Manning throw, throw, throw.

Final Score: Denver 35, San Diego 24.


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