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Godspeed, Adrian Dater. Godspeed.

Godspeed, Adrian Dater. Godspeed.

"Well, the communications must have been real. She was, if her Twitter account was to be believed, quite upset with Dater for his actions and she launched a personal campaign...

Is “Super Creepy” Adrian Dater posing more problems for the Post?

Is “Super Creepy” Adrian Dater posing more problems for the Post?

"Deadspin has once again become interested in Dater’s exploits on Twitter. This time the site was contacted by a female hockey fan who provided screen grabs of some rather creepy...

Pro leagues / teams are making deals with the Devil in daily fantasy sports

Pro leagues / teams are making deals with the Devil in daily fantasy sports

"The industry has cleverly slipped into the loopholes left in the gaming act and in doing so has essentially replaced online poker as the most popular form of internet gambling." CLICK...

A stunning Broncos loss has made us normal people again

A stunning Broncos loss has made us normal people again

"Better now than later, I say. Better for the fans. Better for the team. Not only do the Broncos now have a better perspective on how they might be beaten...

Radio Row: Survey says solo Sandy, lop off Lundy at the Fan

Radio Row: Survey says solo Sandy, lop off Lundy at the Fan

"The newest changes in Denver Sports talk radio are coming to 104.3 the Fan and would seem to have been precipitated by the results of a survey the station...

The Broncos' slow starts are nothing to dismiss

The Broncos' slow starts are nothing to dismiss

In fact, this wasn’t the first time one might’ve watched the beginning of a Broncos game and wondered what the hell is wrong with Manning? click the read more link...

The other half of Broncos Country

The other half of Broncos Country

"...ultimately, what we saw at Gillette Stadium was a team that still isn’t going anywhere if Manning isn’t playing at an elite level." click the read more link below ...

Champ must retire a Bronco

Champ must retire a Bronco

We're not normally the pomp and circumstance types around here but on this issue we agree - Champ Bailey, who announced his retirement from the NFL today despite "interest from...

Into the Fogg: Should Josh McDaniels get credit for the current Broncos success?

Into the Fogg: Should Josh McDaniels get credit for the current Broncos success?

"McDaniels, for all his glaring faults, realized that Cutler would never amount to the quarterback we all expected him to be when Denver moved up to draft him in the...

Mark Rycroft can actually make you a smarter hockey fan

Mark Rycroft can actually make you a smarter hockey fan

"Kudos to the Colorado Avalanche. In a world where more and more professional teams are turning to their broadcast crew to further their own public relations department’s agenda, it’s fantastic...

Thursday, 15 November 2012 13:53

Our week eleven NFL picks VS the spread with guest picker @WoodyRoseland

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Week eleven in the NFL gets underway tonight. Time sure flies, don't it?

Our pickers in our Annual NFL Pickoff VS the Spread,  Colin, John Reidy, Our Buddy Snyder and   Producer Scott Stafford continue to slug it out in what remains a relatively close contest. Snyder currently holds a the lead, as he has for three weeks now. It's unlikely that any of our pickers will create any separation this week, as all four picked this week's games pretty similarly.

This week we welcome Woody Roseland, a future guest on the South Stands Denver Fancast, as our guest picker. Woody is some kind of badass, and amputee, a helluva comedian, a cancer activist and a force for good in our Community. Most of us first got to know Woody when he played catch with Jeremy Guthrie. You can visit Woody's web site RIGHT FRIGGIN' HERE.

Our picks are "after the jump" (we stole that term from Deadspin)

Read more

Miami @ Buffalo (-1.5)

The Dolphins got their fins handed to them by the Titans in week ten, but despite that, roll into Buffalo on Thursday night getting only 1.5 points. Considering that 3 points is pretty much automatic for home teams, Vegas must not think real highly of the Bills. It’s yet another disappointing TNF match up for NFL Network.

Colin’s pick: Buffalo -1.5

Reidy's pick: Buffalo -1.5

Snyder’s pick: Buffalo -1.5

Scott’s pick: Buffalo -1.5

Woody’s pick: Miami +1.5

Philadelphia @ Washington (-3.5)

A pair of rookie QBs will get the start in this NFC East clash early Sunday. Nick Foles, forced into duty by a Michael Vick concussion, will make his first start as a pro while Robert Griffin III comes off the bye to continue his impressive rookie campaign.

Colin’s pick: Washington -3.5

Reidy's pick: Washington -3.5

Snyder’s pick: Washington -3.5

Scott’s pick: Washington -3.5

Woody’s pick: Washington -3.5

Detroit VS Green Bay (-3.5)

The Packers, who took last week off, head to the Motor City Sunday to face the Lions, who need to take down their feared division foe if they want to remain a relevant contender. Can Matthew Stafford and friends rise to the occasion in front of their home fans?

Colin’s pick: Green Bay -3.5

Reidy's pick: Green Bay -3.5

Snyder’s pick: Green Bay -3.5

Scott’s pick: Green Bay -3.5

Woody’s pick: Green Bay -3.5

Arizona @ Atlanta (-10)

The Falcons are finally mortal, having surrendered their first loss of the season to the Saints last week. They look to return to their winning ways against the Cardinals this week. Arizona has done as poor a job as any team protecting their quarterbacks so far this season. Still, they can put up some points.

Colin’s pick: Arizona +10

Reidy's pick: Arizona +10

Snyder’s pick: Atlanta -10

Scott’s pick: Atlanta -10

Woody’s pick: Atlanta -10

Carolina VS Tampa Bay (-1.5)

Super Cam and the Panthers were exposed and embarrassed by the Denver Broncos in week ten. This week they’re at home once again to face yet another potent offense. This time Josh Freeman and the surging Bucs visit Charlotte hoping to break out some sack dances of their own.

Colin’s pick: Tampa Bay -1.5

Reidy's pick: Tampa Bay -1.5

Snyder’s pick: Tampa Bay -1.5

Scott’s pick: Tampa Bay -1.5

Woody’s pick: Carolina +1.5

Cleveland @ Dallas (-7.5)

Don’t look now, but the Cowboys might matter. With the recent struggles on the NY Giants offense, Dallas has a decent chance to win their division. But they have to win the easy ones – and hosting Cleveland should be easy. They’re favored by a touchdown plus a half-point “hook”.

Colin’s pick: Dallas -7.5

Reidy's pick: Cleveland +7.5

Snyder’s pick: Cleveland +7.5

Scott’s pick: Cleveland +7.5

Woody’s pick: Dallas -7.5

NY Jets @ St. Louis (-3)

The Rams have a rare tie on their record for 2012 after a frustrating sister-kissing on Sunday night in week ten. The Jets, on the other hand, would be lucky to earn a tie most weeks. They just keep losing. This week Rex Ryan takes his shit show to the Midwest where he will probably still barely play Tim Tebow.

Colin’s pick: The Danny Amendola's -3

Reidy's pick: The Danny Amendola's -3

Snyder’s pick: The Danny Amendola's -3

Scott’s pick: The Danny Amendola's -3

Woody’s pick: The Danny Amendola's -3

Indianapolis @ New England (-9)

The Colts coming into New England was always big news during the Peyton Manning era. This Sunday’s match up won’t feature Peyton VS Brady like previous ones between these two teams have, but Andrew Luck has been sensational, too. Can he lead his troops to an upset at Gillette Stadium? If he can, it will propel the Colts into the thick of the playoff chase.

Colin’s pick: New England -9

Reidy's pick: Indianapolis +9

Snyder’s pick: New England -9

Scott’s pick: Indianapolis +9

Woody’s pick: New England -9

Jacksonville @ Houston (-15.5)

Surprise! This is the biggest line of the NFL season thus far. Go figure.

Colin’s pick: Jacksonville +15.5

Reidy's pick: Houston -15.5

Snyder’s pick: Houston -15.5

Scott’s pick: Jacksonville +15.5

Woody’s pick: Houston -15.5

Kansas City VS Cincinnati (-3.5)

Ouch. Things can’t be going well for Kansas City when they’re underdogs at home to the Bengals. The Chiefs are so lousy that it wouldn’t be shocking to see them start throwing games to secure the #1 draft pick. They’ve shown no signs of quitting, though. They had a shot as recently as Monday night to upset the Steelers in overtime.

Colin’s pick: Kansas City +3.5

Reidy's pick: Cincinnati -3.5

Snyder’s pick: Cincinnati -3.5

Scott’s pick: Cincinnati -3.5

Woody’s pick: Cincinnati -3.5

Oakland VS New Orleans (-4.5)

The Saints have their mojo back, or so it would seem. After a rocky start, they believe they are still a playoff team. They have to beat Oakland, though. The Raiders, who are big home dogs, are playing only for pride – which they have plenty off despite having a tough season.

Colin’s pick: Oakland +4.5

Reidy's pick: New Orleans -4.5

Snyder’s pick: New Orleans -4.5

Scott’s pick: New Orleans -4.5

Woody’s pick: New Orleans -4.5

San Diego @ Denver (-7.5)

The Chargers’ season is on life support after last weeks loss to the Bucks. At 4-6 they are at risk of being left behind by the Broncos. If they can come to Mile High and win this one, though, they can narrow the gap and get themselves back in the hunt. Denver’s a big favorite – by a touchdown plus a hook. Hopefully, they’ll score in the first half this time.

Colin’s pick: Denver -7.5

Reidy's pick: San Diego +7.5 (Broncos will win so SHUT UP)

Snyder’s pick: Denver -7.5

Scott’s pick: Denver -7.5

Woody’s pick: Denver -7.5

Pittsburgh VS Baltimore (-3)

What’s this!? The Ravens are road favorites at Heinz Field!? This unlikely scenario is brought to you by an injured Ben Roethlisberger. This AFC North battle won’t have quite the same shine on Sunday Night as it otherwise might have had.

Colin’s pick: Baltimore -3

Reidy's pick: Valdemort -3

Snyder’s pick: Baltimore -3

Scott’s pick: Baltimore -3

Woody’s pick: Baltimore -3

Chicago @ San Francisco (-5)

Two NFL powerhouses with Super Bowl aspirations face off on Monday night and it’s very possible that neither will have its starting QB. Jay Cutler is all but ruled out for the Bears, and Alex Smith might not play either. Both players sustained concussions in week ten. This possible NFL Championship preview, like the Sunday night game, won’t have quite the luster it should have had.

Colin’s pick: San Francisco -5

Reidy's pick: San Francisco -5

Snyder’s pick: San Francisco -5

Scott’s pick: San Francisco -5

Woody’s pick: San Francisco -5

Last modified on Thursday, 15 November 2012 14:05
Colin Daniels

Colin is the emcee of the South Stands Denver Fancast and maintains our Twitter and Facebook accounts.


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