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Our week ten NFL picks VS the spread with guest picker, @M1LEHIGHRAIDER

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Our 2012 NFL pickoff VS the spread rolls into week ten with our buddy, Snyder having taken a commanding lead over the past two weeks. Snyder's record for the year is 70-57-4 VS the spread. Colin's in second place at 66-61-4, Reidy's right behind Colin at 65-62-4 and Scott is improving his position by the week. After a slow start, our podcast producer stands at 61-64-4.

We have invited the enemy into our midst this week. @M1LEHIGHRAIDER is our first guest picker in several weeks not to be employed at Mile High Sports.

We can't get smoked by a Raiders fan, now can we? Wish us luck.

Our picks after the jump.

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Jacksonville VS Indianapolis (-3)
Thursday night football games have been consistently bad this year. As much as we enjoy the mid-week tilt, the match-ups have not lived up to expectations. Maybe this one will shock everyone and be the first, but it's doubtful. Strangely, Indy @ Jacksonville sounded even worth back in the pre-season than it does now. Andre Luck alone makes this one worth watching.
Colin's pick: Indianapolis - 3
Reidy's pick: Indianapolis - 3
Snyder's pick: Indianapolis - 3
Scott's pick:  Indianapolis - 3
Raider's pick: Indianapolis - 3

Buffalo @ New England (-11)
The Pats return from their bye to host the bumbling Bills. The winner of this one isn't really in doubt, but Vegas pinned the game with a huge number. Will New England blow Buffalo out in this one, or call of the dogs?
Colin's pick: Buffalo +11
Reidy's pick: New England -11
Snyder's pick: New England -11
Scott's pick: New England -11
Raider's pick: New England -11

Cincinnati VS NY Giants (-4)
Week nine was a bad week for the New York Giants. Lucky for them, it was a bad week in the whole darn division. They can still pull ahead. The Giants head into Cincy to face the Bengals who are still stinging from the spanking Peyton Manning gave them.
Colin's pick: Giants -4
Reidy's pick: Giants -4
Snyder's pick: Cincinnati +4
Scott's pick: Cincinnati +4
Raider's pick: Giants -4

San Diego @ Tampa Bay (-3)
Tampa has been exceeding expectations and has a shot at Wild Card berth. The Chargers do, too, but they need consistency. This intra-conference game is very important for both teams and Philip Rivers is an assclown.
Colin's pick: Tampa Bay -3
Reidy's pick: Tampa Bay -3
Snyder's pick: Tampa Bay -3
Scott's pick: Tampa Bay -3
Raider's pick: Tampa Bay -3

Carolina VS Denver (-3.5)
Denver coach John Fox returns to Carolina for the first time since he coached there for nine seasons. The Panthers won just two games his last year there. Fox has found success in Denver, going to the playoffs in his first season and having Peyton Manning fall in his lap this year. He says it's not personal, but he will have his Broncos ready for his homecoming.
Colin pick: Denver -3.5
Reidy's pick: Denver -3.5
Snyder's pick: Denver -3.5
Scott's pick: Denver -3.5
Raider's pick: Denver -3.5

Tennessee @ Miami (-6)
The Titans are often mentioned in the same breath as the Chiefs and the Jaguars. That's not good. The Dolphins, on the other hand, are considered to be a team on the rise, and are still within reach of the playoffs.
Colin's pick: Miami -6
Reidy's pick: Miami -6
Snyder's pick: Tennessee +6
Scott's pick: Miami -6
Raider's pick: Tennessee +6

Oakland @ Baltimore (-7.5)
Carson Palmer takes the Raiders into Baltimore where the Ravens are rested coming off their bye. The Raiders have little hope at this point, but they can play. The Ravens should make the playoffs somehow, but they lack the fearsome defense they are famous for.
Colin's pick: Oakland +7.5
Reidy's pick:Oakland +7.5
Snyder's pick: Baltimore -7.5
Scott's pick: Baltimore -7.5
Raider's pick: Oakland +7.5

New Orleans VS Atlanta (-2.5)
The Falcons remain undefeated, which explains why they are surprising favorites over the home Saints who have been surging of late. This critical NFC south battle means everything to the Saints, who are staving off elimination early this season.
Colin's pick: New Orleans +2.5
Reidy's pick: New Orleans +2.5
Snyder's pick: Atlanta -2.5
Scott's pick: New Orleans +2.5
Raider's pick: Atlanta -2.5

Minnesota VS Detroit (-2)
Christian Ponder hasn't been getting it done for the Vikings, but Adrian Peterson certainly has. This week Minnesota hosts the Detroit Lions who are battling through early struggles of their own. It's a mammoth match up in the Black and Blue division.
Colin's pick: Detroit -2
Reidy's pick: Detroit -2
Snyder's pick: Minnesota +2
Scott's pick: Minnesota +2
Raider's pick: Minnesota +2

NY Jets @ Seattle (-6)
The Jets have had a week off to tend to their wounds, but they haven't switched quarterbacks. That comes as a surprise to many people who thought Tim Tebow would take the reigns in week 6. Seattle is awesome at home and has been enjoying eye-opening play from rookie QB Russell Wilson.
Colin's pick: Seattle -6
Reidy's pick: Seattle -6
Snyder's pick: NY Jets +6
Scott's pick: Seattle -6
Raider's pick: Seattle -6

Philadelphia VS Dallas (-1)
The Cowboys are favorites on the road versus the Eagles in Disappointment Bowl 2012. Expect some turnovers.
Colin's pick: Philadelphia +1
Reidy's pick: Dallas -1
Snyder's pick: Philadelphia +1
Scott's pick: Philadelphia +1
Raider's pick: Philadelphia +1

St Louis @ San Francisco (-11.5)
Each week there's at least one monster favorite in the NFL and this week it's the Niners who battle division rival the Rams at Candlestick. The Rams offense has shown some promise early, but it faces one of the league's most dominant defenses week ten.
Colin's pick: St Louis +11.5
Reidy's pick: San Francisco -11.5
Snyder's pick: St Louis +11.5
Scott's pick: San Francisco -11.5
Raider's pick: San Francisco -11.5

Houston @ Chicago (-1.5)
The Texans are coming off their bye and the Bears are there to welcome them back. This Sunday Night Football game promises to be one of the most exciting tilts of the 2012 season thus far could be a Super Bowl preview. Like defense?
Colin's pick: Chicago -1.5
Reidy's pick: Chicago -1.5
Snyder's pick: Chicago -1.5
Scott's pick: Chicago -1.5
Raider's pick: Houston +1.5

Kansas City @ Pittsburgh (-12.5)
If you're in a survivor pool ...
Colin's pick: Pittsburgh -12.5
Reidy's pick: Pittsburgh -12.5
Snyder's pick: Pittsburgh -12.5
Scott's pick: Pittsburgh -12.5
Raider's pick: Kansas City +12.5

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