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And now it's time for Nuggets Haiku

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We had a little contest on Twitter last night. Denver Stiffs had given us a "Yellow Skyline" logo Nuggets jersey-shirt to give away, so we hosted a Haiku contest on Twitter during the teams home opener versus the Pistons.

We got some great stuff from people who hit us with poems and the hashtag #NugsHaiku. It wasn't easy to select a winner among the dozens of entries we received. People are just so gosh darn clever! The Champ, and several runners up, after the jump.

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Our winner ....

nuggets will make run/ In the playoffs one and done/ there I said it son 

The use of the phrase "there I said it" put Clay's entry over the top. But we were sent many other equally clever, funny and creative Haiku:

Broncos are playing, so I dont give any thought, about basketball

Javale is a weird dude / He makes a lot of mistakes / but they say he's good

Brimming with promise / Young, quick, and constant tease / how long 'til they please

Manimal looks mean / but I'll bet he's super nice / when he's not playing

Birdman bid farewell/ Now he's just a tale we tell/ Fake tattoos still sell

: Deep three for Gallo The nuggets win, nuggets win

Miller and McGee / An odd pair indeed, although / lob city they breed

The Denver Nuggets/don't like to play good defense/But can score a lot

you know what I'm sayin'/you know what I'm sayin'/you know what I'm sayin'

If only Browman / were hot like Cavnar / it would not matter

Iggy and JaVale/ wearing new jerseys and shoes / I want one too

Strengths: scoring and speed / Weaknesses: defense indeed, / not to mention threes

since we resemble/the lakers in our yellow/lets hire phil jackson

Soon it be legal / to get yourself the real kind / and not fake you blind

Assist and big dunks/ Golden Nuggets on the run/ How the west was won!

birdman stared at kids/ Carmelo traded to Knicks/ Nuggets will still win!

Expectations high. Slow start looks ugly as sin. George Karl looks annoyed

Javale is a goof / like mahmoud abdul rauf / so raise the roof

legalized weed may, help the nuggets attract some, top shelf free agents

first win of the year, sixty three and three will be, the nuggets record



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